The Hive.

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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

Keeping up with posting this frequent is going to be taxing. Can I make enough letters combined to words to keep making sense in a sentence? Do I make sense now? We will find out soon enough. I am only ahead by one post so we may find out sooner than I hope.

If there is anything about the group you would like to see explained in more detail. Please ask, It will fill a paragraph.

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We all would like more rewards in bigger values. While we work our way up from this micro stage, growth is relatively slow. Our efforts are compound though and offer more and more value each vote. Are you as a member finding any benefit from being a member of our community?

Our community is always open to new members. The more members that grow the better. Steemit is something you cannot do alone. It's a community platform where the interaction through voting can provide remuneration for your time and effort. Just posting and hoping for the best is not the best way to move forward.

By making use of servers in Discord to advertise yourself and you posts, you will gain visibility and possibly regular followers to your posts. When people leave a comment to your post. Spend the time to reply back to them too, Even if you cannot vote their comment, Let them know you read their reply. These little things Let your reader feel appreciated and acknowledged.

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Even more so now, we have the ability to grow together. As less people post on the chain, it provides a greater opportunity for your post to be seen. Every vote you share with others also has a greater chance of being noticed. People like when people vote on their posts, this can gain your posts some views too.

You can take me for example, I know I do not interact as much as I should. I am working under the community hood, The votes I have available to use are concentrated in rewarding members of the community. We do use some votes on advertising ourselves in promotional shows. These votes shared also return votes to our posts. thee are the posts that reach the 1 dollar mark or above. without these our own posts would be at the 0.50 mark.

Every day we grow a little more, and everyday you do too. There is a constant increase in the level of our SP as long as we keep posting. Steemit is a long end game you can win at. Each day is a roll of the dice, not every day will roll a 6. If you roll that dice every day for two years, and add up all those numbers. That is the same as what you are doing on Steemit, adding up the numbers over time. Keep posting, adding those pieces of SP to your power. It will grow.

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You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
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Posting and voting and commenting especially during the dips in steem price are some of the best times to be making yourself visible. It show the long term (relatively speaking) people that yes you also are in it for the long haul. That you understand there are ups and downs in the price of steem, just as there are ups and downs in life.

Steemit only recently passed the two year mark, and the first time users are all just approaching their two year mark, as I approach my one year mark. It is still early in the game here. There are still aspects of steemit I do not understand, there are a lot of aspects of crypto I do not understand, like anything new it takes time to learn.

One thing I think people learn after awhile is that you really can not go steemit alone. You need to interact if you want your account to grow. If you are on steemit for the social side of life.

Investment wise, if you have enough money to make a decent investment then you can automate it all and forget about it just checking in once a week to make sure things are still giving you money. Will your automated earnings help steemit grow in the future? Not likely. Like most businesses, Steemit will need to build its appeal to the middle class if it wants to continue to grow beyond a beta stage.

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