HempCoin Update

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As HempCoin makes the transition to KMD our Brand Ambassador Black Market Crypto has a message on how best to prepare your investment .

Also follow us here on TWITTER https://twitter.com/awallace1337/status/1141744066167599106?s=09

MOVE ALL THC TO YOUR https://t.co/iLxoM8hojh QT Wallet! Migration is coming! Date TBA soon! @TheHempCoin #hempcoin $THC
Discord - https://t.co/yyz4QsuTTP
Telegram - https://t.co/rrzviBrKku pic.twitter.com/taKC0Yaqtj

— Exile13 (@awallace1337) June 20, 2019

Please join the OFFICIAL DISCORD for THE HEMP COIN https://discord.gg/YKPfzDQ

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