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Football has changed alot over the years from when a million pound player was hard to come by to today when hundreds of millions of pounds and euros are spent on just a player. Money that could be used for a whole squad being spent on just a player. Well am not here to criticize, definitely not. But no one can argue that there's alot more money in football currently than even in the last decade, and this has made some teams stronger than they could
have imagined and have given their various fans their monies worth in results, bragging rights and pure entertainment . For today am comparing 3 different great striking partnership
NCM(neymar, cavani and mbappe)
They are the most expensive frontline in history and currently scoring goals for fun in Ligue 1, but are they really the best? especially after their showing against real madrid in the santiago bernabeù
MSN(messi, suarez and neymar)
Oh!! How they captured our hearts with their silky skills and breathtaking combinations, while at the same time showing us goals that were only previously imagined. But are they really the best attacking trio in the world has seen?
Then last but not the least the famous BBC(benzema, bale and cristiano ronaldo)
Very quick and attacking minded, extremely devastating on the counter attack, but does that make them the best?
So my question, goes like this which is the greatest among them? Please steemians, share, vote, comment it means alot to me. Thank you!