It seems Santa is a bit confused......

in #thegoodnews5 years ago (edited)

I am wondering why. He does not usually appear until December 24. Dashing around in the night sky with his miniture sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer with Rudulph in the lead.

Yet I do not see 8 reindeer and I don't see Rudulph. Where are the toys?

Now I am wondering if global warming has him all confused? Or is it just that the world's population has increased and he needs an early start to reach all the world's children?

Could be any of these. Do you think he is lost? Who knows, you be the judge.

Image Source...Mickey Finn, Halifax News Chaser


We need to have a sit down to explain some things to you regarding making posts. :(

I'm sorry to say but this needs some work. We need to show you the ropes.

yep ok... look like millions of other ones i have read..other than the ones talking about bitcoin and crytocurrencies. I said I would start working it in January, I was just having a bit of fun and learning how to copy and paste. I am busy, getting ready to go.

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