Good news article #8 New homes in California will have solar pannels!

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It's great to know that an entire state is going to start using the energy that's given out by the sun! Starting as of 2020 certain homes up to 3 levels high will need to have these installed. Not every home will make the cut though. Homes in a very shaded area will sadly miss out on this new trend. What does this mean for you as a homeowner? A whopping savings of 60k over the course of 25 years. With technology constantly advancing I'm sure the number will be higher.

Why California? Last year California received so much sunshine that energy prices dropped into the negative! 2016 Was also a great year for them as they broke the record using solar energy. They made enough energy to power over 6 MILLION homes. This amount is twice as much as it was producing back in 2014.

Hopefully, other states start doing this because we really need to take advantage of the sun and not destroy our planet. This could be step one into an entirely new generation of having a greener earth. Electric stars could last a lot longer while minimizing the charging time. Maybe something can be done so recycling can be mandatory as that will help us a lot.

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in my country Solar panels are quite expensive. Though the tool is very helpful, But in my country the sun does not always shine because in my region right on the equator.


other ways to help the earth! Recycle, don't use an unnecessary amount of water etc! Thank you for your feedback, what country is that?


I'm from Indonesia sir