Good news article #7 Taking plastic out of the ocean

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Saving the ocean

Great Pacific Garbage Patch is what's known as the worse thing in the ocean. To give you an idea how bad this problem is let's talk about how much trash is out there. This patch is a massive island of trash drifting halfway between California and Hawaii. Over a trillion pieces of debris have collected there because of the swirling vortex of current. This floating mass roughly twice the size of Texas. Honestly, I don't know what photo to use so here is just a good amount I pulled from google.Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.28.02 AM.png
This was founded in the 90's so, of course, it's even bigger now! Scientist claim that this will take thousands of years to clean up. But with this mans idea it will take only 10 years. Each floating machine is essentially a mile-long screen that harnesses the ocean’s currents to passively collect floating trash of all sizes without using large amounts of energy or resources. Since the screen stays on the surface, fish can pass underneath without being harmed.

Let's hope this works!

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