Up or Down Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share!

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Vote for the price of STEEM/USD to go up or down. Vote right and win your share of STEEM!

Rules: Vote on the main post and only one comment (up or down) before 11/23, 9PM EST.

Payout will be 50% of STEEM and SBD earned by this post tomorrow in STEEM tokens to all the participants that voted on the main post and the winning STEEM up or down comment.

This is our first offer of a simple game in an attempt to make it a little more fun and rewarding to watch the price change of STEEM (STEEM/USD).

Bitcoin Price Up or Down - Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share!

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craig-grant = optimistic :)


voted down

More down till the hardfork

I like this idea of playing the game of binary options here! As an optimistic thinking steemian I vote: UP ;-)

optimistic thinking +1

this game will be very popular like Binary Options Predictions. Please, contact whales for getting votes like Steemsports are currently now doing...

Will do. First game. Give it a little time. Thank you for your feedback.

I'm a trader so this is a game I can play, ok! ok!

Up. Good game.

So Am I voting based on your Steem price posted?
Your coin gecko is alittle off, 50cents per steem? I'm rich!

Will be actual price value. Will use an exchange value like poloniex that has volume and charts. Apologize for the coin gecko being off. Hadn't realized that and thought those widgets would be a good picture summary. Thank you for your feedback and will adjust to provide better information.

Changed the price pics.


UP ⤴🆙⤴

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Up or Down Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share! — Steemit

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I still think it will go down some more.


My guess is down




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