Up or Down Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share!

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Vote for the price of STEEM/BTC to go up or down from 12/1 to 12/2. Vote right and win your share of STEEM!

Price changes will be used from Steem/Bitcoin (STEEM/BTC) Price Chart

Rules: Vote on the main post and only one comment (up or down) before 12/1, 3PM EST.

Payout will be 50% of STEEM and SBD earned by this post tomorrow in STEEM tokens to all the participants that voted on the main post and the winning STEEM up or down comment.

This is an offer of a simple game in an attempt to make it a little more fun and rewarding to watch the price change of STEEM (STEEM/BTC).

Bitcoin BTC/USD Price Up or Down - Steem Distribution Game

Ethereum ETH/BTC Up or Down Steem Distribution Game

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Now ya post em lol, want me to edit them into the evening task manager or wait for tonight's?

Can wait for tonight's and thank you very much.

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Up/Down Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share!

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Up! Upvoted and resteemed!!!!

Keep the price down!

Please can you mark the winners on the first 6? I've been asking for ages and of the ones you recently marked I'm owed money for 4. Also how do I get paid if you fail to pay the first time?

recently marked I'm owed money for 4

Could you provide more information on.

Well I've already left about 6 messages, the last 4 of which you've ignored. However yesterday you added 'winner' and 'loser' on 6 past posts which you had already paid out. Of those 6 I have won 4. I have not been paid. Additionally, there are a further 7 of these posts before in which the winner is still not marked. Of these 7 I have bet in 6. I have no way to tell whether I have won or not as the figures you're using to clarify the winner are obscure.

Of those 6 I have won 4.

Can you show this information please.

How would you like to be shown? You can just click on them and see where I voted. Also, when will you mark winners and losers for your earlier games?

Could you provide a screenshot of what you are talking about? I've clicked on them and don't see your name and don't have time for this.

I voted correctly in this game:

and this game:


In all the others I've checked you have failed to label who was the winner. I have made this abundantly clear again and again in about 20 separate messages. You keep pretending to be puzzled or not to understand. You had internet troubles which stopped you resolving this but it didn't stop you posting more games. Then you promised to take care of it. Now you're pretending to be puzzled again. It's very simple.

Please mark all winners so I can check you've paid everyone fairly.

That first one it appears you commented on the losing choice. Did you vote on the main posts or both choices?

That's incredibly puzzling because I was very thorough. Oh well. I'll have to check the blockchain. As you can see I voted correctly on the second one. That remains unpaid. I always vote on the main posts and one choice. Please add win or lose to your earlier posts

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