deepcrypto8 stole my sbd and steem

in #theft4 years ago

I have been inactive on steemit for some time. I logged on to post for the first time in a while and I noticed that all my sbd had been converted to steem and all my steem was transferred to @deepcrypto8 (deepcrypto8 is evidently a binance account) without my knowledge or consent. The transfer happened four days ago.

I did a quick search and have found that this has happened to multiple people in the past, but did not see that anyone ever resolved the issue. Either way, I know what was taken was not of great worth in today's market, but it is still pretty disappointing.

I would love to hear if anyone else had this problem and if anyone knows how this happened or how to reverse it.

Thanks and best wishes,


Dude, the same thing happened to my brother in law not even a month ago...

Change your keys asap, save the new password and delete your cookies... you might have visited a phishing website.

No pun intended, but we will help you with the helpie crew... we did the same thing for Darren... I'll write a post about this, and send you a little "dont worry brother" transfer.

Quick question. How are you login to steem?

Make sure you use your posting key only... that one if ever phished, cant move funds. (that's how its recommended)

I just got done changing password and keys. I have always logged in with the posting key and only used the active when required. I am not sure how it might have happened. My password is stored in pw-protected zip file on a flash drive. Luckily, my account was not hijacked. Thanks a lot for the response, @meno.


You have Streemian Authorized, this is the service that went rogue a while ago... this could be the reason, it could be...

unauthorize it... revoke the permission

Here's a tutorial

Will do. Thanks again, @meno

Man, that sucks! I hope you can get that mess figured out!
It's good to see you again on steemit!

I might have another guitar track for you to work on fairly soon, if you're interested.

I would love too. Let me know. I have my discord notifications turned on too, so you can contact me on there as well. Best wishes, Amber!

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