If your funds were stolen and sent to @huobi-pro ..

in theft •  3 months ago

.. I want to hear from you.

Earlier tonight I discovered that the phishing group that to date infected nearly 900 accounts, on occasion used the @huobi-pro exchange account (a Chinese exchange service). While browsing its recent transaction I noticed a message from an unrelated theft victim @johnroomusic.

Memo: 149443

After checking the memo it appears there are other victims and a potential perpetrator account.

@lochnessmonster ← possible perpetrator
@rebelheart ← confirmed victim
@abderrahimlafifi ← unconfirmed victim
@lafifi ← unconfirmed victim
@johnroomusic ← confirmed victim

I'm looking to talk to anyone who noticed fucked up transfers to random exchanges, particularly the @huobi-pro exchange. Reply here or catch me on Discord at the @steemcleaners chat https://discord.gg/wNJuwfV please.

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Hi @guiltyparties, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @locknessmonster doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @lochnessmonster ?

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Great service, fixing typo.

So some people's money were stolen?


Yes looks like it.

Wow, sounds intense. I never click on any links sent to me that way. Clicking on those links open the door for those scammer and hackers to get your info and access your account. Not everyone knows this, because not everyone is familiar with such scams. I learnt the hard way when I received an email from PayPal claiming my info was out of date and needed to be updated. A few days later, my bank calls me asking me if I just purchased for $600 worth of stuff in France. I was like, "uhm, no I'm at home right now." They cancelled my card, didn't charge me, and I went and changed all my PayPal stuff and passwords. And these sites they send us to look identical and look legit. Except for that one little nuance in the link.

I wish scammers like that didn't exist. They are immoral.


Good to hear you got your cash back. These scammers are everywhere sending those links. On email, discord, comments here, everywhere. All we can do is make it so hard for them to prey on steem users that they fuck right off elsewhere.


Agreed! ;)


A password manager prevents that from happening as they will not show any passwords for the URL which try to hijack your account details.

Check out LastPass if you want a free option with years of track record already.


Sounds interesting. I'll check it out. Is it like an extra protection if ever you do click on such links?


Not directly but indirectly it works that way.

Important to understand: no system can check whether a site is a hack or not. Even google’s protection warning doesn’t catch first few hours because relies on reports.

A system can check the URL tho and if your password which you have used on PayPal.com is requested the password manager will show it only on paypal.com, not on paypaI.com (capital i rather than l).

Then it’s is still up to the user not to open the manager and retrieve the password manually to enter it.

It adds an extra layer. But the main mantra is still: PEBKAC (Problem exists between keyboard and chair). Tools can be helpful. The user can override them and invalidate their function.


Heh I like that: "Problem exists between keyboard and chair."

Thanks for the tips :D

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Upvoted you for offering this great analysis.
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My acccount is stollen what i must to do ? i can write only on busy. My password is lost...


I've tried to find you on Discord. Recover the account by using https://steemit.com/recover_account_step_1 and the email you signed up with.