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'It takes a lot of practice to be spontaneous.' - Heinrich Nusse

Tell me about it! 

It takes even more practice to appear spontaneous. The wind was blowing strong while I shooted my first video statement for steemit today´s morning. However, this time quality is secondary. It´s the message that counts. 

Today is 'layday': lot of wind, bumpy water, still tired from my weekend session. So this morning I didn´t catch any waves but my first bitcoin fragment. I´m powering up, guys!


Mellow Monday 

It´s a sign of confidence.

I joined steemit in July 2016 thanks to my awesome friend @knircky. Although I signed in when steem price was booming, I didn´t capitalize my initial posts and missed getting a piece from the XXL cake. 

However, I got motivated to improve my writing skills, create value, be rewarded and accumulate wealth. While writing and posting and commenting and interacting I came to know a lot of incredibly amazing people, so besides the economical part I´ve become rich in many many ways. Thank you!

Now, that I am approaching the 10,000 Steem Power milestone (100% earned through rewards) it is time to power up, invest and give something back! 

Today, for the very first time ever I bought a bitcoin fragment. Once the bank transfer will be completed, I will exchange BTC for SBD. 


My confession statement: (1 min YT video - Spanish) 

Please excuse the quality, but it´s actually the message that counts :)

Transcription / Translation (English):

"Good morning! Here´s a Hello from Lanzarote. Today it´s quite windy and there are no waves as you can see in the back. I used that opportunity to visit my bank and do a transfer to the exchange platform Kraken. Obviously I´ve done that in order to buy a fragment of bitcoin - here´s the receipt! - and then convert this fragment into steem. It´s the very first time that I did that and I hope everything will be alright. So fingers are crossed that steem price will continue increasing and we´re all going to become rich, haha. Regards and kisses!" 

In my next post I will reveal the complete exchange process. There may be more people like me (in Europe) who don´t have much practice in these transactions. So stay tuned.

To win without risk is to triumph without glory :)
Let´s make steemit great again, ha!

Marly -  

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great lookin view! and great post to inspire more powerups! :)


Thank you, I am happy you enjoyed it!
I accidentally discovered that place when stepping out of the bank - the colouring of the water is really nice there :)

Your locality is also a small paradise on earth)


Oh yeah it is indeed :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Well done on powering up! Never was much good at the whole "spontaneous" thing... I have always been a chronic planner... but I do admire those who CAN!


I´ve been planning on that decision for some months now, so it´s actually not THAT spontaneous to be honest :-) Hopefully everything will work. It´s my third try to exchange EUR for BTC. My country of Residence doesn´t correspond with my nationality (passport). Exchange platforms (or the regulation behind) don´t like that and deny my access. It may sound ridiculous but it´s really hard for me to enter the crypto market :-D If I wasn´t that ambitious I´d have given up long time ago. Barriers are definitely too high for "regular people".


Understood... I think crypto still inhabits the "esoteric investments" space in the minds of most people... to them this is some kind of "black box deal" deeply nerdy developers transact from their laptops in dark coffeeshops in the seedy part of town. Hoping for the day when it'll be no more trouble than changing EUR for USD...


"black box deal" deeply nerdy developers transact from their laptops in dark coffeeshops in the seedy part of town

LOL - that one hits the nail.
I will try to be patient in the meantime...

jajaja que buen video amiga!!! Todos los exitos para vos, ya sabes que te aprecio! Y que hermoso lugar, te tengo un poco de envidia sana ya q aca estoy rodeado de montañas, jaja! Me sorprendio mucho tu español, lo hablas perfecto, ni se nota que no es tu lengua original! Besote querida!


Muchas gracias por tus palabras, coleguí :-) Nunca me ha gustado el acento alemán así que he entrenado bien para convertirme en canaria de verdad jeje
Ha sido un placer grabar ese video - incluyendo las caras de risa que pasaben mientras tanto al verme ahí dándolo todo, jajaja
A ver si todo sale bien. Es la tercera vez que intento intercambiar EUR por BTC. En Europa es realmente un coñazo. Mi país de Residencia no corresponde con mi nacionalidad según pasaporte. Bajo esas circunstancias es complicadillo ser verificado en los portales de intercambio. Kraken es mi última opción. Si eso no sale, a tomar por....! LOL


jajaja De verdad que excelente, y es muy dificil encontrar a un extranjero que hable tan bien el español, se nota que tenes facilidad para los idiomas. Y estabas perfecta! Con el fondo de video y usted, picasso seguro te hubiese elegido de musa, jaja.
Amiga tiene que haber alguna forma, estamos en el siglo XXI, tiene que haber. Yo la vdd que todavia no se como sacar el steem de aca, jaja. Ya tengo la wallet y todo pero de ahi a convertirlo en peso o viceversa, comprar steem con dolares, soy nulo. Perdon pero soy bastante nuevo en esta area, pero seguro que alguien de la comunidad de steemit te puede dar una mano.

Viste la presentacion en el challenge?? jajaja Espero que te guste! Ya son 4 los participantes, y hay buena calidad asique la vas a tener dificil.
Espero que sigas muy bien!

It is so good to see you write on here. It is nice to read and also nice to see you get rewarded for it. You are a very good example how this platform works and that it works.

I hope your investment works out well and i think you timing into this platform from an investment perspective is a lot better than mine. Thats already a win!
Well done for you and for steem.


Thank you so much for your lovely words, @knircky!!!
You know I have become really addicted to this stuff, and I am grateful to be part of it.
Every day is a new adventure!
Cross your fingers for that experiment. It´s the third time I am trying to enter the crypto market. If it doesn´t work, I will call @dantheman and tell him he needs to develop an exchange platform with low entry barriers :)
Viva cryptocurrency - the world needs more of us!

You always look so relaxed in your pictures. You must be doing something very right.


Oh, that´s cute! Actually I feel very grounded right now. It took me some time to get there, but it´s possible :)

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