From The_Donald on reddit : LORD OF THE MEMES

in thedonald •  2 years ago

I saw this and could not stop laughing. I did not create these but I do feel it is worth posting this here for the pure kek that was put on display. Enjoy... And also the elves are supremacists aren't they?

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I approve the meme.

I just find it strange that Trump is the pro-conflict/war candidate right now. Even tho he got elected for a neutral (isolatic) American foreign policy. I mean you can do at your borders whatever you want. Just dont run like headless chicken through the desert with the mission to kill those alleged damn childrapists ;).

Good stuff, voted and resteemed.


Followed and upvoted your content, appreciate the same :)

This one is good and sad at the same time. What is it about cucks that make them want to be destroyed so much? Boggles the mind.