Homeless Dolphin? Come and join our community and find a warm home to stay!

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The beating heart of Steemits middle class never stops learning, inspiring and supporting. Standing together we can have an impact on dreams. 

Dare to dream and work hard to make these dreams a reality. 

Come and join us TODAY! 

Our mission is to give guidance, support, connection, and inspiration to the middle class on Steemit. To offer this to YOU we will provide YOU a warm home with a place for growth, questions, opportunities to find stronger connections. 

You can find us on Discord: 


Are you a Dolphin or a blogger with a reputation above 55?

We are the place to be for you!
The project is new but we have amazing plans for the future!
We are building a curation guild to vote for the amazing posts made by the middle class.
We will create contests, chats, meetings to build stronger bonds between steemians. 

And we offer you a warm home where you can just lean back and relax while having a chat! 

Wait no longer and join us today! 



I joined the channel. I assume I need to wait for approval from an admin/mod before I can see everything or post. I can't even see the FAQ section the automated welcome message mentioned.

Under what name did you join the channel? Because I can't find you under this name. I want to change your status!

Update: Already found your name and you can now see everything in the channel. :D

Tothe. But I see I have been added now.

Looking forward to see this flourish.

Working hard to get the word out. I think we need to hold Dolphin Town Halls ;)

Oh. I need to go back to that WARM home. It's f***** cold out here 😉

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