Happy Bubbles contest! ( Open for all steemers) WIN 10 Steem!!!!

Welcome to the FIRST Happy bubbles Contest by the Dolphin Cocoon.

December is the month for love, friendship and sharing special moments! Christmas is soon to come and hopefully, it will be a white one! Lights will be put up and stockings will be decorating the fireplace. 

A perfect moment for the Dolphin Cocoon to launch our first contest! 

Because this is the month for sharing this contest is open for all steemers!

Happy bubbles Contest, 

4 weeks of fun sharing moments among the steemit community. 

Every week a new chance to enter and win! Let's make the last 4 weeks of 2017 amazing so that we can end the year with a smile. 

Welcome to week 1 of the Happy Bubbles contest! 

This week we will focus on the bubble filled with friendship.

What you need to do to win 10 STEEM.

Anais Nin put it beautifully when she said, "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." 

Write a post about Friendship! 

What does friendship mean to you? 

Tell us about your friendships outside or inside Steemit. 

Be creative, steal our hearts with your story! 


*Write a post with the title "Happy Bubbles" followed by your own words! 

*Only post original content.

*If you use pictures who are not yours make sure you source them. You will be disqualified if you ignore this! 

*Use these 2 tags, (1) happybubbles and (2) Thedolphincocoon.

*Post the link to your post in the comments of this post to make sure we see it. 

*Only ONE entry per account per week. 

*Users have between now and the time of the post payout to enter this contest.

A re-steem of this post will be highly appreciated to get more visibility! 

How the winners are decided.

The submissions will be passed along to the judges, and they will decide together who wrote the best post!




Funds for the prizes: 

Because there is no fund into the Dolphin Cocoon yet, I will personally pay out the prizes from my @poeticsnake account! 

Next week prize might differ from this week if we get some funds in!
We choose the 50%/50% pay-out for this post so we might be able to set a higher prize next week!

Good luck! 




Here is my entry! I hope you guys like it, and I'm sorry in advance that it ended up being so long! :P I guess that's what happens when I pour my heart out into a post about Friendship.

Good luck fam! =)

Upvoted, fuzzy'ed, resteemed great contest!

Thank you very much! :D

Will definitely participate in this one. I have had a story in my mind for ages about this topic. Will it be a problem if the story includes a bit of darkness? (It is a true story, not made up)

Your story is more than welcome! :D
creativity is what matters!
I hope to see your entry soon!

It's almost complete, when something pops into my head I tend obsess over it until I write it down. :)

And here is my entry. I'm a little surprised at how emotional I got while writing this. I hope you enjoy the read.

Ahhh fun contest about one of my favorite subjects. Upped and resteemed!

Thank you for the reply and the re-steem!
I hope we will see your entry here soon.

I will be contemplating my material <3

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