My Diary Game Of Thursday 28|4|2022

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Greetings dear Steemians 😘

I hope we are doing wonderful in this precious platform. I want to tell you guys how i spend my day.


In the morning i wake up from bed around 6 :15 am and i kneeled down and i gave thanks to the almighty for making me see another new day.

From there i went to the bath and eased my self, brush my mouth a d prepared for train.
I left home at 6:45 for training and i arrived the field at exactly 7 am.

We training for about 2 hours after training i and my colleagues spend some time i the field and discussed about the changes of the laws of the game in football.


After discussing the changes in the laws of the game i went straight home took my bath and have a little rest and it was already 10:30am. I went to a barbing salon and i cutz my hair in other to look good 👍.

At arround 11:30 i took my breakfast which was rice and egussi source with small fish.


This is just what i could afford for my self after eating i drank alot of water.


I prepared my self at 12 noon to go to Bambili to watch the 3rd day of play of the Cameroon Guinness supper league championship.

The match was programmed for 1:30 pm and i left home earlier so i can arrived there on time and occupy a beautiful seat for my self.


My home team Vision sport was welcoming the team from Yaounde Amazone Fap. Which is really a strong side in the championship for the past years.

A close friend of mine from Yaounde is playing in the team and we have been discussing about the match for the pass days i could not wait to watch her play though i was supporting my home team but i am still her fan.

[Photo snap with techno s9]

The match started at exactly 1:30pm with the visiting side dominating the match from the beginning to the end and it was 0:0 at half time.


I was watching the match with my football referee colleagues and we were charting much on the laws of the game and the performance of the afficials in the field.


The scores was mentain 0:0 till the 85 minutes when the visiting team scored from a conner kick thanks to poor referee decisions.

The home team lost the match at full time and now seating comfortable on the relagation line though it's still the beggining of the season.


At full time i could not wait to see my long time friend. Her performance was so great in the match .

Her brilliant passes and dribblings was so technical for me she was the woman of the match though she was not the one that scored.



I left Bambili at 5 pm back to town and i arrived home arround 5:40 pm i spend around 10 minutes at home and i went to mile 3 in search of a house to rent.

It was not easy i moved arround and i saw 1 but the land lord was not arround i stayed there for about 20 minutes he didn't come and i left back to my house in mile 2.


When i arrived home it was already 7 :15 pm my neighbour gave me food and it was cornchaf i was very hungry i finish the food in lessthan no time and it was delicious .


After eating i stayed for some minutes and it was already 8pm i started watching footba the Europa league WestHarm United vs Frankfurt .

And Frankfurt opened scores at the 1st minutes of play away from home and finally won the match 1:2.

After the match i spend some time on social media charting with friends and catching fun.

All photos in this post are snapped by me with Samsung galaxy s21


I will end here for today thanks alot for reading this is how i spend my day .

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