052920 - Friday = Vitamin C bombs day

It is extremely cold outside.

Time to grab my winter coat. I didn't mow it started to rain and next it was dry and started raining again.

I stayed inside.
Although I had a better night I was not in the mood. I washed the dishes and we all practiced the theory driving lessons with the bus-kid.

The youngest isn't happy with the photos made, it's face. Why I - the old mom - looks way better. ☹
Once it feels better I will make some better photos. All children look terrible (angry or crying). I never saw so many fake smiles in a row.

The children searched for kittens. A cat seems to visit us frequently and the youngest hears mewing.

Food on the table
A slice of ham.
Brussels sprouts (a lot of vitamin C) with some rice and spicey minced meat.
Some grapes (vitamin C).

I spoke to
My youngest two (live)

I'll watch some series now. Ozark season three.
Yesterday the kid and I watched 8 episodes of The good place.
Pity I can not download anything.

Brussels sprouts are vitamin C bombs.

Published today (May 29, 2020)

  • News?
    Media. Local, national, it tires me out and those days I believed one worth of what they say are over for at least 20 years. I do not watch tv and my radio is switched off.

  • Birthday
    Good to celebrate but my own experience are not good.

  • 052820 - Schoolphotos
    Making them went fast but the rest of the day...

Published yesterday (May, 28, 2020)

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