The diary game(day-16, August 17,2020)- Monday is devotional day

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Hey everyone welcome to my new diary game post it’s been Monday again and the day is really an great one for me hope you will enjoy my day

So let’s begin with my day.

Today I waked up at 7 am as the weather is quite cool it’s really great to go out and of the home and take some fresh air, as soon as I realised that it’s Monday and I have to go temple I refreshed quickly and take the shower and prepared to go temple today I am going to temple with my aunt and sister,
I reached temple in few minutes and now it will take some time for my prayer,


Praying to good really feels great it’s calmed my mind for few minutes, that’s why I visit the temple every Monday, after that there is orange tree near by that temple which I haven’t seen till now so I goes to see that, is really amazing to see that plant with fruits but they are still green in colour,


The tree is really similar to lemon tree as there is one in my Mama’s hones so I know how they look, this is pretty much similar to that as they belong to same family.

After that I moved for home It’s take few minutes to reach home as soon as I reached home as my uncle is now going to temple no work he advised me for giving water to cow’s I follow the instructions and started giving water to them,


She is really beautiful and now drinking water they really drink a lot of water,


But this small child of cow doesn’t drink lot of water as she is small at this time,

After giving them water I goes to take some water for me and after that it’s lunch time for me after taking lunch I goes to take some rest and I take an little nap after waking up I take my phone listened some songs after really long time. After that I opened YouTube and watched some videos over there which are really interesting. And that’s my toady day

Hope you have enjoyed my today’s diary post and see you in next diary post till that,

Keep steeming


That does not look like an orange tree, might be a pomelo tree, becoz I am very familiar with orange tree. However, one could also experiment grafting of orange on pomelo tree.

It is really good to quench the thirst of a cow. The cows are deeply integrated in our culture, so every one of us must do our part in serving them. Humanity!

It may be that also because I am not an plant experts guy but whatever it is I have seen it for the first time

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