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Hi everyone, I haven't been very consistent on Steemit. However, I will now enter the diary game for the last lap that's left. This is my very first entry into the diary game so lets get started shall we?

A brief introduction about myself is that I'm from India and I am currently a software engineer at an IT company. Lets now get into my daily routine.

I am the kind of person who loves to stay up late at night and wake up late as well. However, this all changed ever since I got home a rescue mutt. Now, I am dragged out of bed every morning at 6:00 A.M. So that's how my day starts.

Thats Cooper keeping check of my health for the past 3 years! Thanks bud!

So, after an hour of walking around with my dog, I headed back home. This is the time where he starts begging for me to feed him his breakfast. So, at 7:15 I gave him his breakfast and headed to have a shower. Once I have a bath, my day officially starts. I simply cannot go to bed now.

After my bath, my mom gave me a hot glass of milk. I usually have bournvita along with the milk. I love the taste that it adds to the plain milk. After about an hour, at around 9 A.M. my breakfast was ready. Today I had yummy kichidi with some lays. The kichidi is called Bisi belt bath here in south India and it is a dish that is best when eaten hot.


After my breakfast, I get to work. Due to the ongoing Covid situation, we are all forced to work from home. Even though I might sound like I feel it's a burden, trust me, it's not. In fact, I get more work done from home than when I used to go to office.

As I am working from home, my work timings are extremely flexible. I can start working whenever I want, I can take rest whenever I want. The only motive is to get the work that is assigned to me, completed.

Here's me on my laptop implementing a feature. Due to the confidentiality of the code, I cannot reveal the important files over here.

In the noon, my mom brought me some rice and sambar. This was a masala sambhar. While many might find this spicy, this is very common in my house and I love it.

The sambhar also contains some potatoes. This adds the extra flavors that makes it even better.

So, this is a typical 9 to 5 job. This means that I need to be online for at least 8 hours every day. Since I am working from home, I tend to take a break during the noon to do something else. This is the time I use to carry out my hobbies. Today I went on to play Ludo online with my friends. It has been a long time since I met them. So, being able to chill with them online is a great way to relieve my stress.

After this short break, I got back to my engineering grind. I worked till 4 P.M in the evening and then my mom called me to help her bake a cake. There was no special occasion or anything. However, since we are all home most of the times, my mom likes to try new things for our snacks.

Today we made coffee cake. I know that it might sound weird at first. But trust me, the last was heavenly. plus it was packed with health ingredients making it much better than the one we buy in bakeries.

Look how good it turned out. The seed on top are pumpkin seed that simply adds extra nutty flavor.

At around 5 P.M. I got back to work. Had a bunch of meetings and after closing a bunch of tickets, I finally logged off at 8P.M. This is when my dog, Cooper calls me again to take him out. So, here we go out again for another hour. We usually spend about 2 hours just on his walks. Thats what keeps him fit and healthy. Apart from this, I also play with him at random times during the day.

After coming back, I had my dinner. Mom was tired so she ended up reheating the sambhar from noon and gave it along with the rice. Well I wouldn't complain cause she is 56 years old and already puts together such great meals for us. After dinner, we just hung out talking with each other and then I decide to get back on steemit. Now as soon as I post this entry, I am going staring to bed. It is almost 11:30 P.M. here in India, so, lets get some sleep before Cooper wakes me up again in the morning tomorrow.

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Hello starlord
It was nice diary entry from your side . I love to eat khicdi infact every saturday i used to eat khicdi with dahi.😛
Looking at your programming image I recalled my collage days and we were also used to learn different types of programming languages .😞😞 keep going