THE DIARY GAME : 1st AUGUST, 2020: GYM Activated

in #thediarygame3 years ago (edited)

Hi Guys

Happy New month to everybody.

So I have decided to take an active part in this diary game and I so wish to be active for the whole period.

Today is a public holiday and I had the opportunity to sleeeeeeep since I usually wake up 4am daily to prepare for work.
woke up around 7 am I decided to join my friend and start GYM as my girlfriend has been on my case to get fit. i have finally decided to listen to her and join friends in my area to GYm tho I cant afford to go register at the real GYM for now but let me just see my progress and level of commitment then I will decide that.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-01 at 6.00.49 PM.jpeg

this is what I carried and the morning and later in the evening..

so today is quite eventful, well do i even have an eventful day with my boring lifestyle.

after the morning GYM, i got home took my shower rested and eat a little rice, then slept for another 2 hours for me to wake up and start watching the movie "Skinny Girl In Transit"

A very interesting series which I have been watching since yesterday.

so I just returned from the evening GYM to write.

my writing skill is bad but bear with me as I will improve so basically that's my day, what next is to chat eat watch movies and sleep listening to some cool old skool music.


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