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Hi Steemians,

I am a little angry this morning. And for a very simple reason.

The world of computing is vast. A sea, an ocean, can even be a solar system, a galaxy, and / or why a universe.


In Tunisia, isolated from the world, we computer science teachers, we have suffered enormously from a top-down analysis for twenty years. This top-down analysis, which was imposed on us willy-nilly, disgusted us all the more as it had poisoned the students. It was of no use worth studying it.


Today, with the advent of the Curricula, the nightmare continues with the pseudo-code which is meant to be a heterogeneous mixture of a bygone program and a promising new program.

The curriculum is a successor that looks promising. Its arrival was highly applauded by the teaching public and it was well received by the students who are aware of what is trending in the field.


Everything was in order, until the arrival of the new pseudo-code conventions. In short, and not to be long, the pseudo-code does not reflect any effort expended in its preparation. And, it comes to destroy all the sand castles that we have built in our imagination.
Some pseudo-code miracle functions do not have a direct equivalent in the Python reference language. And yet, in this country where we find and fabricate pretexts, we hear singing. There is no more translation, it will be necessary to implement.


-Okay! Okay. What do I have to implement Mr genius?
-The algorithm that you wrote, answers the genius.
-You want me to translate the ideas that exist in this algorithm into Python, dear genius? I answer surprised!
-No, that's not the exact word. There is no translation, you have to implement knowing the disparities between the two pseudo-code languages ​​and Python, says the genius.
-Ah! I am now more confused than ever. Pseudo-code is one language, Python is another, and I'll switch from one to the other. It's completely identical as if I'm going to express the same ideas from Arabic to French, finally, I'm translating, isn't it, genius?

The discussion is ended here.Have a good day!


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