THE DIARY GAME: 02.08.2020

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The second day of the contest has arrived. I woke up at 8: 00, and I decided to make sandwiches for breakfast.
For drinks, I prefer green tea.
After breakfast, I went to the gym, which is located near the house.
After working out for an hour, I returned home.
And after lunch, my family and I decided to go to Volgograd, take a walk in Victory Park, as the weather is great, it's not hot. The Park is located at the foot of the Historical memorial complex “Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad”, where we were yesterday, and right opposite the park is the stadium “ Volgograd Arena “, where four matches of the group stage of the FIFA World Cup took place in 2018.
But since we didn’t have time to walk in this park yesterday, it was decided that we were going.
Victory Park is a comfortable recreation area designed for different age categories and interests of residents and guests of the region. The park area is 8 hectares. There are a lot of green spaces. Here you can escape from the daily hustle and bustle, have a great time, both alone and with the whole family.



This park includes sports and recreation areas, bike paths, a platform for mass cultural events. The center of attraction, of course, has become an alley with a light and music fountain and LED arches — together they make up a single composition.
The park is popular with cyclists. There is always someone rolling along the alleys. It's nice to drive along flat paths.



The child was delighted with the walk.
We returned home in the late afternoon, a little tired, but satisfied.
For dinner, we had a vegetable stew with eggplant)).


After dinner, I with my daughter studied English, and then I sat down at my laptop, writing posts for Steemit. Also, I had to finish writing an article for one cryptocurrency project.
That's all for now, see you tomorrow!
This post was written as part of the contest the DIARY GAME, which is held by @steemitblog and @steemcurator01.

#thediarygame #russia #victorypark


Красивый парк сделали в Волгограде, приятно посмотреть ваши красивые фотографии.

Спасибо, постараюсь и дальше выкладывать интересные фотографии.

Красиво) Ты точно осталось довольной! Красивые фотки, смотрел с удовольствием!

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