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Finally, I decided to join THE DIARY GAME contest. I watched the guys from the first season for a long time, but I somehow did not dare to join. But now my finest hour has come.
My name is Inna, I am from Russia. I live in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region. Volzhsky is a city of the chemical industry located on the bank of the Akhtuba River. Very green and cosy.
I am a lawyer by education, but at the moment I do not work in my speciality, and I am engaged in raising my daughter Polina, she is 8 years old. Polina is a very active child. She is engaged in drawing, English and chess.
In general, over the years of my career, I realized that I do not want to practice law.
Currently, I am interested in cryptocurrency projects, participating in various Bounty campaigns and Airdrops. Now I am interested in the topic of launching nodes in cryptocurrencies. I've already launched a couple. For those who do not know, a node (from the Latin nodus - node) is a personal computer connected to the blockchain network of a particular cryptocurrency.
I also study English in my free time, and I involve my child in this. I want her to know English and be able to speak it fluently. I discovered very interesting video lessons with Dmitry Petrov, called “Polyglot. Learn English in 16 hours!”. By the way, who is interested, there is an app for phone
Now my daughter and I are going through the 15th lesson.
But there is a problem with the perception of English speech by ear. We need more practice.
I try to do sports, go to the gym. When there is no time to visit the gym, I work out at home, for this purpose I purchased special equipment.
I like to travel and prefer active recreation. In my free time, I with my family go to the country, go to the cinema, to the park.
That's all for now. Bye, everyone!

By the way, many thanks to @vict0r, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for the offer to participate in this contest — THE DIARY GAME. I want to note that @vict0r is a very kind and responsive person, always help with advice, respect you.
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