The Diary Game: 9th August 2020

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Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time I never posted anything on Steem Blockchain. Now its time to be active here as well along with other activities of daily life. My way was distracted due to certain reasons I'm not gonna mention here.

So, how are you all in quarantine? Hoping to see you guys live long and survive through this difficult situation. I'm all set as of now. Let's share today's routine with all of you since I am about to start a daily diary post. Wish me good luck ;)

I started my day from an early morning at 5 A.M by offering prayer. After spending some time there, I switched on my laptop to check what I left yesterday night. I always prefer to work as early as possible as I am used to be a morning person since ages.

I checked my voting power on both platforms that where it lies so I can manage myself to vote in order to drain some of VP. Then, I opened steemmonsters game to check if my player has done all of the quests. Suddenly, came to know that one of my quests wasn't done so I completed that and made a post about it on Hive.

Later on, I did my breakfast and washed the utensils and got back myself to my room in front of laptop. I started to complete all the necessary tasks for today. I just got finished on time now I'm chillaxing a bit.


Nothing more to say because there was nothing special on this day. So, see ya till tomorrow diary post..


i want to delgate my steempower, give me idea where i do

Good evening, I hope you are well, the corona crisis was severe, I hope it will not come back again.

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