THE DIARY GAME : 07/08/2020 : We went out for a walk.

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I hope you're having a great day.

We're getting lazier every day staying home so we planned to go for a walk every afternoon.

And we went out for a walk yesterday.

Going to talk about that now.


That's me and my wife @sharminmim in the selfie.

My friend @shuvo71 and his wife said they'll come over to my place at the evening that's why I had to go to the market to buy something for em.

I got up from sleep at around 3 pm maybe and then took a shower and ate lunch.

Then when I was about to leave for the market... my wife suddenly asked me to take her with me as well as she is getting bored in the house.
She said we'd walk all the way and won't take any rickshaw or bus.

I accepted the proposal as we need to stress our body sometimes so I took her with me and left my place.


This is the main gate of Jalalabad Model Town, where we live actually.

It was a sudden plan and I think my wife was not ready for this long walk but yet she wished for it.

After walking for some time... it took us around 20-25 minutes maybe to reach the market by walking.

Besides, we took rest on the way so it didn't seem that hard.

We went inside the market, bought what we needed, and then left that place.
On the way home my wife seemed so tired at a time when we were so close to our place.

I told her to take rest for a moment where staying still is the only rest we could found on the way.
She doesn't go for a walk that much and that's why she was too tired, I guess.

I captured some photographs and my wife did too and I think she'll publish her post about that day after I leave the computer for her.


Insect Photography by my Mobile Phone.

While walking... suddenly I saw that insect, that's a dangerous insect.
It was taking honey maybe and I took the risk, kept my hand and phone steady and close.
I tried to get as close as I could and the captured this photo without zooming a bit.


This is a part of Joy Restaurant, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My place is so near to this place.
While we were coming home, we passed this way and I captured photos of this place as well.


Kids enjoying magic boat ride

Actually, I get so surprised seeing everything normal in our country while still, we're getting the news that peoples are dying every day for coronavirus.
And people here enjoying their life and many of em doesn't even wear a mask.

We came home... we started doing everything fast as my friends were coming over.

My friend @shuvo71 and his wife @auntora52 came after a certain time.
We had nice moments together.
My wife and my friend's wife seemed to be very nice to each other which I liked.

Then they left my place after a certain time.

It was a hell of a walk, really.

I started photographing of a camera that a relative gave me for selling and I also captured some photos of my wife phone as she wish to sell it and buy a new one.

Canon 450D
Tecno IN3

Then again, we struggled to sleep early but we couldn't.
So I left the bed and started chatting in different servers in discord then we slept after 6 am maybe.

The day ended like this.

"The End"

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


Exactly, staying home whole weeks really boring thing for anybody because our mind don't like to feel same things every single day. The mind seek better moments and feelings. So I totally accept your walking activity with wife.
I believe you spent nice time with steem friend at evening time.


I believe you spent nice time with steem friend at evening time.
Yes, I did.

Thanks for your visit.

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