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Hello Steemians!
How are you?


“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

Today I woke up at 8:30 a.m. I did morning exercise and everything was great. Then I went for a walk with my Dog (Japanese chin) called Princess Leia (from Star Wars :D) I also went to the Russian store to buy sour cream and sweets.

Then I had breakfast, but suddenly I fell and hit my head on the door, and then on the floor. I had a headache after that and during the day I felt bad, I lay a lot and I had a lack of strength and energy. It was a hard day.

Also, I understood that I forgot to turn off my Amazon Prime subscription and I decided that I will use amazon prime video to watch films and series and I started to watch Ballet Drama "Flesh and Bone" (IMDB 8.0) , also, parallel I was doing some stretching.



I had one lesson with my student.

And in the evening, I was chatting and speaking with my friend, we discussed unusual habits in our life. For example, if I am worried and interested in some topic, then I always study it very deeply and in detail, it is important for me to understand everything. Because of this, I am constantly learning, reading something, looking for articles, lectures, books, videos and other study materials. It could be anything from electronics and space to psychology, education and nutrition.

We also discussed goals in our life, the situation in the world, corona-virus, political situation and other things. It is very difficult to wear a mask on the street all the time. For some reason, I also hear worse in the mask. I want to feel freedom and breathe fully...I want to travel normally...I want to go to Russia to spend some time with my grandmothers and I want to spend time with my friends from different countries somewhere.
Then I went to sleep at 23:59 :D

Thank you to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this great Diary Game Season 2 #thediarygame

04.08.2020 TUESDAY

Today I woke up at 10:00.
I checked answers in my graded quiz in Statistical Inference and I understood that there are some mistakes, so I had correct answers, but my correct answers were marked like wrong. So, I wrote to my instructor of the course to check my quiz manually. She rechecked my quiz and I had three questions wrong, but 2 of them were really correct and she rewarded me the points that I lost. I had 85%, but now I have 95%, so I was so happy because of this. I hope I will get an A in this course.

Then I received my sister's package from Amazon, these are multi-colored caps. I don't know why she needs so many caps. We already have a lot.

New caps:


Old caps:


Then I experimented with hairstyles and made a new kind of braids.

Every programmer needs a beard, so I braided it myself. (Hahahha) It looks funny:


I am joking of course, it's just a first step to make a new hairstyle:

Finally I got this result:


Then I was speaking with my friend some time about life and ideas. I have done new mind map with my ideas. And then I was studying. I was reading about NP, P and Co-NP classes. So, now I an able to describe reductions and how they are used in determining if a problem is NP hard or NP complete. So, I can define hard problems and identify NP complete problems. But I was just reading and writing notes about it, I haven't done discussion forum post yet and self-quiz. So, I made a plan to do it on Wednesday. However, I have done peer assessment, so I checked assignments of my classmates of the course Statistic Inference and wrote needed comments. I like this process it's always interesting to see different methods to do the same.

Than I had one lesson with my student in the evening and the day was finished.

Thanks a lot @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this activity #thediarygame
It's great opportunity for everyone!


Hi @alisawonder, i love your mask, it is so nice and different..!
I should put a picture of "Princess Leia" your pet, I love dogs but I can not have them at home.
Like you, I also do some exercises and stretches during the day; and I'm also constantly reading and studying something new about anything.
Many coincidences in this post, and by the way, the caps you bought are beautiful and fashionable.
Greetings from Venezuela

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