The Diary Game 15/04/2021 Wake up


Who hasn't struggled all morning with waking up in the morning doesn't understand what a big deal this is for me. I've always hated waking up when it's still dark outside. This kind of awakening is associated in my mind with stressful days. He never foretold anything good; just long trips, going to school and many other unpleasant things. While now I wake up in the morning to see the sunrise, and most days I don't even have to prepare for work, because I work from home. It's a great feeling to be awake when it's still dark and the city is asleep; when the only noises are the songs of birds and, rarely, a car in the distance. Have a few hours for me to write or edit pictures before I start working for my country. But most importantly, to feel rested.

This does not happen to me every morning, and during the summer I changed the schedule because it was not possible to go to bed earlier than 12, when it was light outside until 11. With the arrival of autumn I see that, slowly, slowly, I return on waking up in the dark (and going to bed early). Gone are the nights when I stayed awake until 2-3! Taken and replaced with dark mornings, waiting for the colors of the sunrise. If this will be the case from now on, I don't know, but I'm glad I made peace with the dark mornings, even temporarily.

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