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RE: Announcement: London Bridge Plastic Surgery Hack - Leaking Frankie Essex, Chloe Sims & Katie Price Nude Photographs

in #thedarkoverlord2 years ago

This is celebrity garbage, nobody gives two bits of shit about these people ( i have no clue who any of them are) - bring the realness.

I'm willing to wait and see but dropping this is in no way comparable to the Snowden's leaks as you claimed previously.

Edward Snowden leaks were quite impressive and caught the world's attention due to the highly sensitive nature of the materials and the global impact. What we're about to announce and leak will top Edward Snowden's finest work, both in volume and in impact.

Who's to say that this isn't another psyop designed to lead people astray like Qanon? I certainly have my doubts about this hack.

Still waiting for anything substantial.

At any rate, you're free to publish whatever you like on your blog but I hope that your future posts contain something worth reading.


I completely agree with you. I just left a comment on their latest post along the same lines as you but less tactful. Too many distractions away from what really matters in my opinion. Q-anon and now this crap. When I read about the celebrity photos it just cemented my position.

Exactly, there is already a ton of publicly available incriminating evidence that is going to a Grand Jury in court on the 9/11 case. We don't need celebrity nonsense for that... might draw mainstream media attention though.