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Hi there , Today is my first post on this beautiful platform and feeling great , this platform is introduced to me by @satyam1 , he has some great working experience on this platform and hope he is encourage more people to join and earn from this platform .
A very good evening to everyone hope all of you safe from this platform.

I was born and brought up in sheorinarayan. The hardships of life hit me very soon but my childhood has taught me to take life as it comes. Teenage was not a cakewalkI had to support my family and for which I moved to raipur. Here I started working, but my love for change got me working with the Navy. I enjoyed it there because I got to travel, something that I always wanted. Someday I would be in Goa and some day in Andhra Pradesh and so on bye bye.


nice buddy, try to explain more and some pictures of what you describing here as whoever see your story they can able to imagine or understand nicely.

Okk @satyam1 i will try my best

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