Scam or business? Explain this to me...

in thecloud •  5 months ago  (edited)

Hello Steemians, today we want to talk about an alleged business in Latin America that we want to investigate with your opinion, remember that by leaving your opinion in the comments you can be the winner of a reward. That said, let's start.

We understand that this supposed business is done by "Telegram", what comes next requires its explanation, it is said that this system is for the "Social distribution of wealth", this attracts a lot of people in Latin America.

But the question in this whole issue is: how do they do it ?, well as well they should know that to distribute the riquzas it is necessary to make a system that is constantly generating these riches but distributed, and this system what it does is that it invites invest, for example, $ 20 and then you will get $ 160 since you must invite two people and those two people are the ones we assume make you go up to the next level of the Pyramid called "The Cloud", when you reach the first place is where you earn what the 8 below have invested and if you want you can choose to leave or stay in "The Cloud" and keep doing it.

"The Cloud" is called by many a ponzi scheme, but if we see it in this way, if we suppose it is mandatory to stay in "The Cloud" to continue making the investment process the first person in the Pyramid will earn what they invest. 8 below, but high, we have not explained how it is "The Cloud" itself, well the first thing is 1 person above the Pyramid, then 2 below that person who invite 2 and then those 4 invite two others each , so they become 8, but as I told you if we continue in the process we can realize that the only way to be scammed is that the people who participate do not have anyone else to invite "The Cloud" so it would collapse, but it is only about the distribution of the riquizas, but we do not believe that it is a scam.

We hope you liked it and remember to leave your comment to be able to be the winner of the reward. Do you think this is a scam ?. See you soon!🤯😜🤪

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