The Burning has begun!

in #thecircle5 years ago (edited)

   As we announced in previous summaries, we have proceeded to burn 400,000 SPHR in August.

   The purpose remains to burn 400,000 SPHR every month, gradually, so that after 1 year we have burned 4,800,000 SPHR of the 5,487,121 SPHR put on sale at the launch of the project.

   The purpose of this is to have fewer tokens in circulation over time, so that the price of the token can rise.

   We don't do all the burning at once so people can have time to buy more tokens at more affordable prices during the first months of the aforementioned token burning.

   Therefore, after the burning of this month we leave a total of 5,087,121 SPHR in circulation.

   Remember that to access all the updated information of our project we recommend you visit both our website and our Discord server..

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