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RE: 08/13/2019 Summary: Updates Announcement

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Absolute circle-jerking scam. The only people to make anything from this will be @dresden
Ask hi what the ROI is on wonder Steem is screwed with scams like this. Please don't send them anything.
Note their top quality free hosted website. Would you trust anyone who can't even afford a proper website?
Now they have amended it to take out 12% instead of 10% lol.....With 2500SP their upvotes will be worthless, just like this whole scammy project.


Thank you so much for using our service! Congratulations! You've earned an ROI of 110.14% with bids of: 0.053$

Received 21.38% upvote from @onlyprofitbot courtesy of @nathen007!

Want to earn more with us? Our APR can reach as high as
13% or more!

More portion of profit will be given to delegators, as the SP pool grows!

Comment below or any post with "@opb !delegate [DelegationAmount]" to find out about current APR, estimated daily earnings in SBD/STEEM

You can now also make bids by commenting "@opb !vote post [BidAmount] [SBD|STEEM]" on any post without the hassle of pasting url to memo!

* Please note you do not have to key in [] for the command to work, APR can be affected by STEEM prices

You must be totally out of your mind, Mr. Hater.
We strongly recommend that you visit a psychiatrist to treat your illnesses.
I don't know if you haven't noticed that we've already finished our Pre-Sale period, several days ago.
We do inform you also, that with our 40% discount and our x40 multiplier for the Pre-Sale purchases period, plus our modified new voting formula multiplying per 25.000 the dividend between the tokens we gave to an user and the maximum number of tokens issued that year, we can actually say that the ROI for a Pre-Sale 100 STEEM investor is the next:

-100 STEEM in the Pre-sale are equal to 5,600 SPHR. So, the actual upvoting percentage for that investor is a 14%. That is almost a 0.01$.
Already, for getting 0.01$ in your own, you need 4 time 100SP. So, we can say we're providing a 400% ROI for that exact amount.
Thanks for your heavy harassment against us. We do really enjoy to clarify to you all the things your ill mind doesn't let you to understand.
By the way, in case you don't know it, we've already buy orders in the Steem Engine market for our token.
Have a nice day, and remember to go to psychiatrist, please. For your own good.

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