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RE: Are You Nomophobic? 5 Tips To Cure Smartphone Addiction

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Nice tips, I will have to start buying my family watches :) I don't have problems with overusing phone and I am really pissed when I go for a drink with someone and he is checking his phone all the time. Friend of mine and me had a certain rule a while ago.
Whoever was in the bar with us had to comply to the rule. Everyone had to put their phones screen down on the table, and whoever picked his phone without the phone ringing (valid excuses like having to make a call were also accepted) had to buy a round of drinks for everyone at the table.
Now our friends are much more disciplined so I didn't have to use the rule in a long time. On the other hand I miss the free drinks. :)


That is a nice rule to set in a bar, and a very unique idea too!

Yes, it is disconcerting to have people giving you company looking at their screens when they are supposed to be listening to you. On the other hand, someone who mutes his phone or switches it off when you have something important to say - makes such a difference!

Although it is much less than a smartphone, I do look at my tracker every once in a while to check how many steps I have done for the day.