Thanks for your comment. Being a social media manager is awesome!

Do companies mention Steemit yet when they talk about managing their social media accounts? Of course this is a platform which is quite different from Facebook or Twitter, but just curious to know what companies think about it - that is, if they are aware.

It's interesting because Steemit is not widely known outside of this bubble but I'm a freelancer and so are 99% of my friends so I have told them about it and the ones on the platform love it! Especially the vloggers...

Thanks for the reply, and for the resteem! I saw that you're a Twitter expert after looking at your profile. :-)

Interestingly, one of the more established members here @stellabelle, does most of her promotion on Twitter, as I understand. So another question to you(last one lol) is - is it worth creating a Twitter profile for promoting Steemit posts, especially if they're on diverse topics?

Absolutely it is! @Stellabelle is awesome and engages a lot on Twitter! There is a great group of Steemians over there. Had it not been for twitter I probably would have missed a lot of valuable content. I have 41 accounts because of work but it really is my social media platform of choice.

41 accounts! That is a lot of work!

Thanks for the tip - I shall start planning my Twitter promotion now. :-)

Great! I look forward to following you!

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