Over or Under the pier

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Over or Under the pier

no __MPI_G or diving from the pier.jpg
Sony A6500 16mm F8 1/15 ISO 160
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The Pier at Walnut Beach it amusing me that the red sign on the pier says

No __mpi_g or diving from the pier

I must say however that the sign is maybe 50% effective I have never seen anyone mpi_g off the pier, but I have seen people diving.

That is Charles Island in the background, it has had an interesting history or folklore, tales say a pirate called Capt Kidd buried a treasure out on the island and it has never been found.

no __MPI_G or diving from the pier  2.jpg
Sony A6500 16mm F20 1/3 ISO 160
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I am not sure I believe the folklore for a couple of reasons, one its a pretty small island and secondly I have seen people heading out to the island with metal detectors so if there was treasure out there I think it would have been found by now.

This second shot is of the same pier taken just beside it down on the sand.

Have a great weekend everone

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Thanks for sharing! Looks really amazing!

Thanks kindly

You're never found treasure mention makes me think of this show I watch on tv called Oak Island LOL. I like the under photo better.. It gives it more of a dramatic view I think. Great photos much love... up'd via steemvoter in a few min and resteemed!

thanks kindly way behind tonight trying to catch up

Super cool pics man! Makes me want to dig my Nikon out!

Thanks man

And maybe you should

Thanks kindly 😎👍😎

Under pier is Perfect! Refletions, sunset, glassy water...beautiful!

That’s my favorite as well
Thanks so much

Beautiful and unique postings, we are small children who need parents belajar and knowledge from you so that we become a useful person, our little thanks to us, thank you

Thanks for your visit and support it is truly appreciated

Gorgeous photos!!


wow....just wow! Some gorgeous print-quality shots! I could easily see a huge print of those on my walls, love 'em

wow thanks mate
I am blown away by this kind comment

Wow. Beautiful photos. Cheers.

Thanks kindly 😎👍😎

Couple of beauties here!
Good job

thanks so much was quite happy with these not sure why I had not edited them before

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