The Good News:

in thealliance •  9 months ago

Does it feel like society is inundated with the bad news? It seems like every news network and social media platform wants you to fear your fellow man. After finding Steemit it's been a real nice break from other social media platforms that otherwise make me feel as if I am being led by the deaf and dumb who only rant about horrible things mankind has to offer. Today, I've decided to share the news of compassion, tolerance, bravery, respect, and grace manKIND has to offer. Don't ever let anything make you forget how much GOOD there is in this world. Participate, I say!














Just be kind, Man!



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great positive post! resteemed!

That was beautiful. I am proud that you are my brother. uv resteem

Lot of positivity I wanted this, thanks for sharing.

Does it feel like society is inundated with the bad news?

One of the reasons I love @youarehope and it has #thealliance full support. Sure, the stories are awful and circumstances suck, but we are actually making a difference and the good news from it, even feeding one hungry family, is so much better than watching some horrid television broadcast about what school got shot up or who bombed who. FOCUS my friend. You have a good one.


I'm a fan of what you're doing, sir.


Very nice! What a blessing you are! Great work!

Buen post, tienes razón, es lo mejor de esta plataforma, todos deseamos que vean lo mejor de nosotros, de nuestra comunidad, de nuestra manera de pensar

We must not ever forget the evil (like the holocaust etc.), but we can and must focus on the good! There are thousands (probably millions) of people every day silently doing good out of the spotlight. Thanks for reminding us.

Never forget! But always remember that there are so many good, unsung people doing extraordinary things in a very ordinary way.

Professor Steven Pinker, in his book "The Better Angels of our Nature," tells us the world is the safest it has ever been, but our media follows the rule, if it bleeds, it leads. Just turn it off.

I often look for these stories it helps us make it through living here in American. Thank you