Teaching to write a short story with the use of "Tangram". Targeted task applied to several children in the community.

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Targeted task applied to several children in the community

The "Trangram", in the area of pedagogy, is a useful and very versatile tool for the educator, with which various academic activities can be developed that include, at the same time, the combination among related subjects, such as: mathematics-geometry, crafts-recycling, language-literature, among other.

With the following example a simple (improvised), children's story is presented, in which the students must intervene, including, not only the grammar for the construction of the story; You can also reflect figures that substitute words, which refer to people, animals or objects, which can be formed with the Tangram as you develop the story made by children; showing the dynamics and easy understanding of reading, which will serve to develop other activities such as: move to the board to write and read the words of these figures. As well as, you can observe and learn to distinguish some flat geometric figures painted in various colors.

Example of a story graphed with Tangram:

There was once a naughty boy,

that very happy he liked to dance.

He had a beautiful hound dog,

that the poor kitten was jumping.

I lived in a little house with a fireplace, facing the sea.

The little doggie's house was visible as it passed.

One day the boy went out in his little boat for a walk,

he spotted a very nice little sailboat,

and he observed a beautiful swan on the water of the sea.

When he returned, he ran out looking for his puppy;

The little dog, when he saw it, ran to him jumping.

At the end of the day, the child sat down to rest.


Thanks for your kind attention !

Read the book:
“Triángulos, rectángulos y algo más...”
Mathematics second grade, of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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It's nice! I've never heard this before. You can literally convey message with shapes which is useful for educating children -with style. Great post by the way. Thanks for sharing this awesome art @maria1989. 👍


Thank you very much for this comment. It is very important for me to know that I am contributing help to other people ... I do it with a lot of dedication and love!
Greeting @realnairda from Venezuela


Welcome @maria1989! What you're doing is great. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and the children of Venezuela. ☺