🤯Witness Update, Who I Vote For & Why + What The Hell IS a PROXY???😜

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The News

Quite frankly, there is none. I am approaching a thousand voters though! Everything has been running smooth as silk and I think we're all kind of waiting on @blocktrades to incorporate the proposal system. I did have an odd hang-up a few weeks back where I missed a few blocks, then it recovered on its own. Still not sure what happened, but I went ahead and grabbed the latest image from @someguy123's sweet docker anyway. So, all is well in that sense.

Who I Vote For

This list changes about once a month as I do keep fairly good track of what the other witnesses do. I have no preference over a developer vs a community driven representative. As long as I can see them. That's what matters to me. How involved are they really? I recently unvoted @yabapmatt, he's number one now, the hell he need my vote for? I also removed @ocd-witness because, I don't even know what they do. They used to curate the fire out of posts, but I don't see them hardly at all anymore. That being said, I have 1 spot open, any suggestions?
  • @adsactly-witness - I am ADSactly what you need, ADSactly when you need it.
  • @arcange - I met this cat and he's solid. Plus, @steemitboard and SQL :)
  • @ats-witness - Big supporter of the @spl, who doesn't love poker?
  • @c-squared - actually starting to scratch my head on this one, I had to unfollow them because they resteem even more than my happy ass does!
  • @c0ff33a - fellow fambalam and socially acceptable witness - er, awkward? But you know, coffee. Everybody loves that. Ha! You good people my man.
  • @drakos - pirates are awesome, plus Steemian :)
  • @dsound - one of the few tried and true dapps dedicated to one of my passions - music.
  • @freedomx.witness - we'll see how long this exchange stays as one of the developers - @thedegensloth - seems to have abandoned @chibera and that had a lot of potential. Sad.
  • @fuerza-hispana - Latino curation effort - You need some help @minotaurototal? Would love to see this get off the ground.
  • @gtg - Hey, did you know that I have the power to summon even more powerful wizards? Ya, let that shit sink in.
  • @guiltyparties - I know I'm guilty when I get out to the parties.
  • @helpie - curation guild headed up by @meno and @llfarms, happy place :)
  • @jackmiller - only son-of-a out here nuttier than I am.
  • @krnel - YESSIR, or, what? Ha! He's good people.
  • @neoxian - not sure why I threw this vote on him, think I agreed with him on something about something that one time.
  • @noblewitness - another one that is up in the air as @sircork is much quieter these days and @anarcho-andrei is almost invisible. You guys around? HIT ME UP
  • @oracle-d - one of the only people/groups that are truly helping support the efforts toward #theblockparty - thank you.
  • @partiko - hands down my favorite dapp/front-end to the chain - being as mobile as I am. Plus, they listen.
  • @patrice - feel kinda sorry for her as @steemcleaners gets a lot of unnecessary shit out here. They just trying to keep it clean folks.
  • @poetsunited - I am one.
  • @qurator - this is still one of the premier curation memberships on the chain.
  • @ro-witness - @alexvan is good people man. Met him and he's real.
  • @roelandp - met this cat too, he is something else, real high energy and all about STEEM.
  • @someguy123 - would any of us even be here without him? Why isn't he at least top 5???
  • @steemgigs - I got teardrops in my eyes.
  • @thekitchenfairy - I love this lady and her family. Met her and wish more people could see her heart like I do.
  • @therealwolf - because fake ones are really just sheep led by greener grass - right?
  • @ura-soul - another cat I met and have known a while - cool as they come.

Which Brings Us To - THE PROXY

What is a proxy voter? It really is more simple than you might think. All it means is you allow someone else to vote witnesses for you. Keep in mind, you should probably trust this person a little bit. I know there are several already proxied to me and I value their confidence. Currently, @deaconlee, @robertandrew and @dillagr all have entrusted me with their vests. I hope I am doing them justice. That being said, maybe I've earned your trust? If so, you can set me as your proxy!

That's a Rap (up there, ha ha, bad joke, I know)

So many things to look forward to this year! We have some cool games to play, The BLOCK Party is happening, all kinds of front-ends and dapps popping up, it's just going to be a fantastic year for the chain. That being said, all the while you are doing what you do, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I'm just bugging other witnesses.

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Where Do You Stand?

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Thanks for the update!


Sure thing brosef!

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Now you have given a reason to check my list. Though many of them are #famblam member😉 still I have left with few.....,😊....

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Good on ya buddy!

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Oh cool stuffs, thanks Penn!

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Come see the boys again this year, uncle, but at Legoland (and Disneyland too!) 🤗


Where is Legoland? Sounds fun!

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San Diego!

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It’s true, I’m a right difficult bugger all the time. Just call me Mr Awkward 🤣

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The Great Awk lol

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