7 Day Positivity Challenge - Day 4 - Expression

in thealliance •  5 months ago

7 Days of Good Stuff

This challenge was started by @conradt, and I was nominated by @snowpea in on her 5th day. The purpose of this challenge is to spread around some positivity here on Steemit, and you know me, I never back down from a challenge! Well, almost never LOL!


People can express themselves in many different forms. One of my favorites is the art of the pen and music. The girls love music too, but they do a few others things that perhaps I have grown out of, or maybe even just never really had a taste for. I know I did them both quite a bit when I was younger. Art is expression and my Princesses, they love pretty much everything I've let them try.


One of the things they like to do is paint. They've grown pretty responsible by not wasting it mixing colors and using different brushes for each color (if they're not water color). The one on the left is Luna's rainbow creations and the ones on the right are Khaldeesi's clouds and waterfalls. Love that they 'express' themselves like this, I have probably a hundred different ones they've done.


Yes, you will make the observation that this is not really clay. It's Play-Do! Art time is typically before dinner (while I'm making dinner rather) and they get to pick between a few different things. Last night, it was Play-Do. These are both from Luna as Khaldeesi was more interested in just smashing it in her hands. One is a 'Lady Pinocchio' and the other is 'Twilight Sparkle' from My Little Pony. I made the spiral on the horn but she did everything else. Big smiles on both of their faces as usual. I hope they retain some sort of artsy outlet as they grow older and certain realities start to breech their perfect little world.

Art is Expression

Any form. Music, sculpting, painting, writing, even creating and solving a math problem is artistic in its own way. The thing I love about what they create the most is I see that they are genuinely internally happy. The 'clay' figures have soft eyes and smiles. The paintings have no overly aggressive jagged lines and as they were explained, it was with smiles on their faces. Tells me I'm doing something right and that perhaps I am a 'positive' role model for them.

Your Turn:

  • Write a post about something you have to be postive about today - this could be anything from being thankful for your current situation, someone being nice to you, being thankful for your friends and family, or even being thankful for the oppurtunity you have been given here on Steemit - just keep it positive :)
  • Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated
  • Mention three people who should do this on each day.
  • Tag it with #sevendaypositivity (can try 7daypositivitychallenge but Steemit doesn't like numbers) and include these rules at the bottom of your post
  • Include a picture of something positive (related to your story if possible).
  • I nominate @eaglespirit, @bmj, & @armshippie


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it seems your children are very talented @enginewitty .., i am sure one day he will become a famous painter. greetings from me. thank you


Well thank you, me too :)

Hi @enginewitty! Sorry it took so long for me to get around to commenting on the positivity challenge that I nominated you for! I was taking a break. I love how you chose expression as a theme for today. Lovely artwork from your little princesses too!! :)


Think painting is their favorite, that's usually what they ask to do :P

Seeing you're daughters creating such lovely art like this is definitely something to be positive about. Thanks for sharing, buddy. Hope you're having a good weekend

very genius
Like father like son daughter ;)

I will have start this sooner or later. I try to always keep my posts positive 😁 minus the occasional rant 😎☠️