Let the party started "the block party" approaches

in thealliance •  3 months ago 

Hello everyone, with the intention of sponsoring the block party @enginewitty and @thealliance is looking for a logo for the event, I have come up with several ideas that could help.

Untitled-1 SMALL.png

Untitled-2 SMALL.png

Untitled-3 SMALL.png

Many ideas have passed through my mind but I find it difficult to process them and take them to the designers. In some cases I am halfway through or I simply get stuck in the idea that I want to capture, as it shows some of my disasters prior to the design that leaves them up. XD .


since there is still a lot of time, I think I can still think of some ideas, for now I invite you to go through the post of @thealliance to learn a little more about the event, personally I like meetups and I think this will be very fun and if you have the opportunity to attend please do not miss it, some day I also hope to do so.

If you want to support The 'BLOCK' Party here is the link

If you want to know more about the event click here

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Sweet man!

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Good job champ, looks good🤙

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Really cool ones.. Well done 😉👍

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Wow, very nice!

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