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RE: Tip #1 - Become A Zombie🦇

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Yeah man, I've fallen off the wagon big time! I'll have to re-evaluate what I'm doing, trim out the rubbish, and try to find a better balance for my time. It's been a busy year so far. Haven't really been Discording or posting anywhere much either, but hopefully I'll find some inspiration soon, and climb back on the party bus.

P.S: just powering down a small trickle to get some liquidity if it is needed at some stage... Hopefully I can put some back in over time...


inspiration soon

I think we have all been there..over the last 6 months........ I have been finding it harder and harder to come up with posts and I have never had that problem.

Parties are good. Especially big ones, like, block parties! We already planning for next year, so maybe some of that liquid can be set aside for trip!

If Steem is mooning... I would love to fly and join the block party in the future!

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Me tooooooo
If you going... let's go together @elizacheng :)

Ya... If steem moon, we can go together... We can go many places together too! Oh... Simply imagining this is already so exciting... Steem moon! To the moon! And off we fly!

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you girls better take me to gate crash the party too!