Cats of Steemit? Can that be a thing now? 🐱 #catsofsteemit

in thealliance •  10 months ago

So there's a bit of a Crazy Cat Lad thing going around Steemit at the moment.

It all began with this post I think.. followed by this .

As a self confessed Cat Lady, I'm really feeling the male domination on this particular topic and I just couldnt have that!

So everyone... Meet Cat Two.

Two because he is our second cat. The first cat ran off and never came back home.

From here on in, let's call Cat Two "Fluffy" on account of me always having to tell people "He's not fat, he's just fluffy."

Fluffy is a rescue cat. For months after we lost Cat One we tried to rescue a cat at Blacktown Animal Shelter, but every time we were almost there the cat would get sick and they would tell us we cant adopt. Heart breaking every single time. If you can manage to adopt an animal from Blacktown Animal Shelter DO IT and do it quick! Rescue that animal!

At the time I was working for a pet food company and everyone, from staff to customers to drivers, knew I was looking to adopt a cat. No I don't want a fancy pure breed cat, No I don't want to go to the pet store.. I want a rescue.. This was a concept people found hard to grasp for some reason, but I'm stubborn like that.

So when one of our customer's rang me to let me know there's a cat available for adoption at the local Vet, I rang hubby and told him we have to go pick up our cat that afternoon. He's like.. Have you seen him? Nope. But hes coming home with us tonight. And he did :)

This is him when he was little inside his cardboard tunnel system.

Because we lost Cat One on account of her being an indoor/outdoor cat, we weren't going to make the same mistake twice so Fluffy is a strictly indoors only cat. Knowing we were depriving him of the fun he can have in nature - we spoiled him to alleviate our guilt.

The cardboard tunnel system was a thing of beauty and he loved it. It lasted for years, until it couldn't take his weight anymore.

"The Castle" took a couple of hours and two people to assemble, and has saved our house and furniture all these years. Seriously a great investment for an indoor cat. It's only just starting to fall apart now lol

His life as an indoor cat isn't so bad. He's got us, his toys and sometimes his mates come around, but he has to tell them he can't come out and play cos his mum won't let him.

He doesn't usually like movies and just falls asleep through them, but he really got into Planet of the Apes one night.

See? I've gone to bed and he's still watching.

He keeps me company while I work. Like seriously, no matter what I'm working on, he'll be right here.

More like distract me while I work.

Ohh stop with the cuteness already!

Here's Fluffy giving me support while I attempt an insane 5 deck reading. He looks like he's meditating lol.

My Fluffy is the cuddliest cat. He is very affectionate and needy, smart and cheeky - he has so many facets to his personality, he's more than a cat to us, he's our baby.

Hubby says I'm a stay at home Mum for our cat, but most days I feel like he's looking after me.

Are you a Crazy Cat Lad or Lady? Show us your precious one <3

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Very good, very good
your cat(s) are loved
I can tell this well
from the pictures above
a rescue you say?
your heart is huge
i bow in awe
and give your credit due


She is the cat lady it sure is true. I see her huge heart through and through. She is the one that rescues the fallen. God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the callen

What a lovely cat! I can't have one now, but I hope I will soon!
Thanks for posting :)


Awww thank you! I hope you get one soon <3 Thanks for stopping by!

Excellent post @bearone! This will probably be featured in the next update. Very well done.

i love cats with orange color :) your is not full orange but still orange is orange :)
Now your family have 1 more member :) hope one day i will own big orange Maine Coon

Wow looks like Steemit has gone back to 2010 when the hole works favorite hobbies was cat photos. Not a bad thing I really love the cats, they are all so cute. Great work :)


hahah I missed Cat Mania 2010! I wish I was there to witness it :)


Post of the day.i resteem your post.


hahah gorgeous cat tho! :P

Love this post! I recently wrote about my own cat Molly. It looks like she and Fluffy share the same behaviors! (She's traditionally an indoor cat as well, who goes outside under close supervision, so I understand everything on the outdoors side of things). Also love the scratching post!


Thank you! It's the best thing we've ever bought him.

I just saw!! I love your Molly 💗 she is just gorgeous!

hehe yes I also do the supervised outdoor exploration. Not so much at this new place since there are other cats around, and there's plenty of birds - and Id be horrified if he killed something (he's vegetarian - wont have wet food)

I'd love for him to have a cat run though. He needs fresh air. lol

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Love how they watch TV!! That's awesome 😂

· lol theyre very picky with the shows they watch too.


Whahaha!!! 😂

Cute pet!



I'm not really a pet person but I had a all white cat when I was young, same blue eyes as your cutie :)


I was a dog person for years until we had our first cat. They're pretty low maintenance 😉maybe the kids would like a pet 😉


I always ask them, are you ready to scoop up your pet's poop?
Ok no pet for you. :P

So cute :) We've got dogs and would love a cat but it just would not work out. The dogs are outdoor animals but they would love to live on the couch....which is where the cat would would just get too furry for words :)


Lol I can just imagine it now 😁

Fluffy has taken a liking to my bean bag. Its been a long time since I've been ablen to sit on that thing on my own.

I can so see you on the floor while the fur babies take the lounge ❤

I've grown accustomed to the floor. 😁

You need to bring this to @goldenarms attention tout suite!

Cool cat though.


I did think to post the link in Team Canada, but figured posting it in Team Australia would be just as good ever since the Canucks Invasion eh 😜

Cute cat! I suddenly miss my Maxx, who died several months back. He was also an adopted cat from fellow expats here in Abu Dhabi who were relocating that time.
He lived with us for about 2 years here, then we brought him to PH where he spent most of his years with my parents...

Oh he is a handsome devil! Great story, you get better everyday @bearone! He was watching Planet of the Apes, cat watches tennis sometimes 😊 Morning made..thank you for sharing!

Great post! Love cats... They heal the soul.

He's in bread, but, I love him.

very very very nice post!! I loved it!! You wrote a very good story!! meow meow I have 19 cats, almost all them are from shelters or from streets :-) nice attitude yours.



eu e dominique olho.jpg

Cat's :3 rawr okay, want more cats soon i might post some cat pics as well :P we've a realy sweet one btw :P


You should! Id love to see your cat. Does yours give you big head bumps in the morning? :) Mine does lol


Yep sometimes she wakes me up like that xD

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@bearone this is awesome! I loved that you followed suit with this cat thing. Maybe we should make it a thing? Two is so cute. I love all the kitten pictures and such, he looks like a good pal. Love that you stuck with the recusing thing too. Don't be surprised if you see me make a post about my kitties too now, I think we should totally have a bunch of cat posts on here.

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What a lovely fluffy cat! I wish I can post cat pics but I don't have a cat - I'm a cat lover though. ^_^

And a 5 deck reading, are you insane? :P

He's gorgeous mommi..and not fat. Love his eyes. I had a kitten as a child, slept and purring at my feet every night. My mom didn't like her lolsss. I had a poodle years and years ago after that.

Great post and adorable cat you have and amazing playground for her😃 thank you for sharing. Cool to se.
Have a wonderful day. Cheers 🤗


Thank you @saffisara ❤ So lovely of you to stop by


My absolut Pleasure my friend @bearone 😆
Love the environment for your cat, inspired me to do something cool.. Lol
Have a great evening. Cheers 🤗❤️

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Aww. It's really sad losing a cat. I've experienced it too with our male cat. I got so sad because he is too fluffy he almost looks like Garfield!! Hehe. Your cat is one lucky cat, he got cool playground! 😁

Followed you btw. ☺️

Lovely story. :)
He is handsome not fat. :D

Great post, looks like an awesome cat, it's definately much safer in doors for them...Poor Cat 1(mine) and Cat one(yours)

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Oh I love your cat he's gorgeous ...
will get around to introducing my princess at some point :)

I am not a huge cat person, although I have had a few cats in my day. They are super cool and chill beings. And i am loving the digs you got for Fluffy!! You're awesome. Rescues are the way to go. #greathumanaward

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Nice Tube House! Nice Kitty!

I used to build cardboard houses as a lad, with the help of my little brother. We held them together with bread ties ;)

Haha I like it. I miss my old cat. #catsofsteemit is a great idea

♥♥♥ =・ω・=