The Serpent (A Poem For George Soros...)

in thealliance •  last year


Acting shocked that Soros stocked on Crypto, WAR and wine
Sentiments long echoed to force down that sweetened brine
Spin the truth, the facts and faces...same old players throw the races
Wrong is wrapped in guilded shine of Golden Idol Token
So ditch all paper metal maker, the shills own what was spoken
So act dismayed the Cabal played so many filled with greed
grab that Bit then sit on it, while Soros plants the seed
I leave to you a message Stark while some play the game of Human Shark...
Wake up and question Avarice, That Serpent saved us all?
It poisoned wells and wove its spells, then smiled as we crawl

@battleaxe (copywritten by bob)


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In my opinion you have a talent for writing poetry. Have you ever thought of maybe taking this direction for an alt account?


Thank you, I want my blog to be exactly what it is ;)
<3 thank you for liking this, sounds better when I rap it


"She yam what she yam"

[/popeye] :P lol

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Well written my friend. I'm sure even soros would enjoy it!


he is a stain on the Human Race


Guess What AXEY???
I have from a very good source (forgotten DISQUS poster)
that the ROTHSCHILDS are actually NOT JEWISH!!!
They are the descendants of ESAU and not Jacob.
EDOMITES are the bait and switch nation that seeks to
blame the Jewish Nation for all the world's ills...
SOROS is either an Edomite or an utter idiot that buys into this BS ;)

Just my little Rogue Take on the whole fucked World Situation of anti-Semitism... how SATANIC a bait-n-switch, too CRAZY to NOT BE TRUE???

mic drop...


Soros is an assshole, every culture has them, every religion has them.....

"...then smiled as we crawl."

This is a great, rage filled poem. Would make nice rap or spoken word lyrics!

nice one :) the line with the Golden Idol Token is one of the best ones imo. have a nice daaay

Great poem @battleaxe! Lots of truth


thank you , am glad you follow my work...stack on

wonderful poem. thats the dilemma we are facing in the world today..wrong is painted to seem right.

Love it... keep up good work ;)

It's me your prodigal boy.