Cut Throat Competition or Collaboration? (You Decide)

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Ahoy Steemians! Do you feel geared for battle when you enter the platform or geared up for networking and collaborative efforts?

It can surely be a mixture of both but some recent chats got me to thinking that to constantly feel everyone is your nemesis can be rather toxic. Of course there are predators and people who suck but isn't that the same in "real life" as well?


I used to look at other posts that I felt were being ignored and undervalued or overvalued and "gamed". You will drive yourself nuts trying to establish what you feel is personally fair on here when it is intrinsically an unfair system like everything else in life. We are the ones who steer our ways through the waters and it is up to us to work and network to brand ourselves something anyone even wants to read... much less upvote or comment on.

There is freedom in letting go of always trying to balance the scales of justice in a rather unjust world. Those who choose to be nefarious will eventually meet karma and those who do good and stay the course tend to not only survive but THRIVE.

I actively choose to network and create win/win scenarios on here versus feeling as though this should be a dog eat dog platform where everyone is actively sabotaging each other for a buck. Rise Above and do your thing and the experience is much more pleasant then one of being in a state of paranoia and warring. I got into a couple of "fights" yesterday and ended both on a positive note of burying the hatchet and building a bridge versus blowing it up.

(gyfycat, me, myself and I, building bridges over troubled waters)


I've been reading your post and thinking about the short-sightedness of most of steemit whales who abuse reward pool and circlejerk in their greed, while already being extremely rich. They could collaborate with the community to make this place what it was meant to be. In time this would make their still large shares go 100x, making it a real game-changer. Instead we have shitty trending and constant wars. Why people are so pathetic?

is why some of us (cough) make alternatives like #teamgood to network under an umbrella of good initiatives, content makers and finding some cool peeps

That's a cool idea, I'll keep an eye on this initiative.

collaboration is a lot less stressful and way more fun.

THAT is a Memo that needs to circulate

The hell with battles, life is enough of a battle. This is about good content and engaging with new people. Great post my friend, glad you are on the good side👍

Nailed it @silverd510! Life is stressful enough and there will be issues on here because it involves moolah n egos. @teamgood Initiative is the alternative to the traditional Trending page for like minds to gather, spread info, Collaborate and such and I certainly invite and hope you can find it useful for some of your own works....... Stack and Steem On!

Of course, money brings the worst out in people. I will keep that in mind. Thanks again my friend👍

Life's to short for toxic crap! I 100%'s all Karma. I've been lucky to learn by example . There's many excellent people here, yourself included, that have taught me how rewarding it is to just keep doing what you're doing. Others may do "better", but our contributions all make a difference. Thanks for making me think!

We think and here we all are

love you axey!


It's easy to wear the rose tinted glasses and paint everybody with the same brush at first glance. It's much better to learn more and seek out what somebodies intentions and values are before you pass judgment.

@shadowspub said it best:

collaboration is a lot less stressful and way more fun.

There are so many good things happening in this space that are shadowed by the blame, complain and insane folk. Like you said; stay on the course and ride it out with a neutral standing point (ready to kick ass if and when needed) but always look to resolve and grow from each encounter, open to a change in your perspective/beliefs if you see fit.

High Five to everything said in your kick ass comment :)

I read, this and I remembered a speech that usually used a general to motivate his troops, I could be that general and you my goddess of war, as wise and eloquent as Athena however I usually use the character of Ares in the furgor of the battle, ironic to be a mortal not? I hope you like this poem that I did when I read this greetings <3

if you look at others and their big and fat upvotes before posting... That's when you will eventually give up. Life they say is not fair but one thing I know Karma will do is to remember your efforts and grinds. Its all about just doing your own thing without giving in. Thanks for this my good friend @battleaxe ...You are always surprising me :)

Never look back just keep going.

Amen to that....especially to the never look back part

So much this! All the pitched battles do is scare new users away and make everyone afraid to post because you might cross some BS line. Accentuate the positive!


self aggrandizement vote to pay it forward, fin, mic drop

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