The Active Hive LLC Presents: Crypto Warfare

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Crypto Warfare is a web based, cyberpunk, cryptocurrency oriented, mass-multilplay online RPG game. The atmosphere is dark in the fictional year 2046, when The Order has just censored the Bitcoin in an attempt to overtake it with their own crypto-currency. This is a post/pre apocalyptic scenario for the entire civilized world and among the other political factors, the money, which are only cryptocurrencies in 2046 are actually the solution and the problem at the same time.


The goal is to reach the level where you can perform a successful 51% attack on the New Bitcoin in order to save the world from the global tyrany and clear the path for only free, decentralized, diverse Bitcoin economies of happy, connected, peaceful and independent societies.

Earnings in Bitcoin in the game are real, but they should not be the main incentive to play. It's all just for fun. So, have fun!

How to play the game, straight from the deep web:
Hey there, the name's The Active Hive! What? Is that my real name? Dude, are you for real? This is my hacking name obviously. Look, if you get stuck while playing Crypto Warfare then just come to me for help, you hear?

Create an Identity and choose a class:
The first thing you want to do is pick an Identity name. We wouldn't want The Order tracking you down if you used your real name, would we? So pick a cool hacker name!

Each Identity has it's own level and progress. Don't worry, you can have up to 10 Identities even with different classes. I've got like 7 other alias's I bet even the admin doesn't know about!

Different classes give you different skills to help you out in your adventure. You wanna know what class to pick? Mate, how do I know what you want..? Pick a class that's cool and play for a bit to decide what you like more. If you still can't decide then my personal recommendation would be the Miner class.

Welcome to Crypto Warfare, what now...?
Woah woah woah, hold up dude! You must be thinking "what on earth is all of this?". It's overwhelming for new players, so let's go over the basics together.
I'm gonna get real with you for 1 second, and only this once! Everything that happen's here is fictional and not directly tied to any real world events. Just wanted to clear that up in case you had any funny thoughts. Now, on to the basics...

Energy, Bandwidth, Levels and all that jazz:
This is your main status bar and shows your current Identity's statistics.

A - Energy: Energy is used to perform actions like browsing Cyberspace and playing games. Energy can be recharged FREE at any time from your main Identity page.
B - Bandwidth: Bandwith, the most important resource in the whole of the Crypto Warfare world. You need bandwidth to browse the Cyberworld. It can be recharged for a small fee in NBT at any time from your main Identity page.
C - Experience: You need EXP points to advance your knowledge in your hacking career. Missions give you this knowledge as competion rewards. More about Missions below, but just so you know; missions are available in the Cyberspace hub.
D - Power & Security: Ever played an RPG game? Your Power and Security are your Attack and Defensestats. You need a high power level to brute force through Cyberspace, and a high securty level to protect yourself against enemies hacks and viruses. Boost items are available in the Marketplace.
E - Account Balances: If you didn't already guess these are your current account balances in NBT and BTC. What's NBT you ask? I was just about to talk about it...
Level up to increase your max stats.
Got it? Moving on, I don't have all day you know.

First Stop: NBT & Cyberspace Hub:

Make your way over to the Cyberspace Hub. You'll be spending most of your time here.

What's New Bitcoin [NBT]?
NBT is the main currency of Crypto Warfare. Since the Clinton World Order banned Bitcoin almost everywhere gives and accepts NBT. You need to buy some items? You need NBT. Missions reward you with NBT, as well as Mining NBT. NBT has a Public Blockchain showing all the rewards of user's Mining activity.

How to turn NBT into BTC?
BTC being a rare asset now, makes it harder to turn NBT into BTC! But, an exchange exists for the purpose of buying and selling NBT with BTC. However, don't expect to get your orders filled right away. Many people are doing the same thing, throwing up sell walls of NBT. Have patience, and your NBT will be bought and you will get BTC in exchange for it.

Introduction to the Cyberworld:
Cyberspace is the main hub of the game. All the cool kids are there! You can safely do whatever you want behind the privacy of your Identity we created earlier. For now, I'm just giving you a quick tour.

Top Left - Mining Hardware:
This section shows your current Mining hardware and status. When you first begin, you don't own any hardware, so no need to concern yourself with it yet.

Middle Left - Missions:
The list of missions is here. CLick a mission to accept it and track progress of missions you already accepted. Missions give you all sorts of rewards like EXP, NBT, BTC and more. Check further below for more information on Missions.

Bottom Left - Connected Nodes:
A list of other nodes currently on the network. You can see the Identities tied to these nodes by clicking their box.

Top Right - NBT Exchnage:
An overview of the current NBT exchange price. Click this to visit the Exchange and sell NBT for BTC or vice versa.

Bottom Middle - Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock:
You can play RPSLS against the local server and win NBT. Psst. here's a secret only I can tell you: The developer of the RPSLS program backdoored it to sometimes give out lost Bitcoin as a reward! Careful though, playing costs Energy.
For those not familiar with the game, here's the simple rules. The local server picks one of the 5 options at random. You pick one of the 5 options, and go head to head.

The diagram on the right side shows what hand beats what. I can't tell you any more than that, mate.

Bottom Right - Terminal:
Prefer thinks in black & white? You can use the terminal to do quick commands to check your stats, ccontrol your miner, check your balances, and more.

Middle - Cyberspace Matrix:
You can login to the Cyberspace Matrix to hack other computers, databases and users for rewards. For more information see the Cyberspace Matrix section below.

The main progression in Crypto Warfare comes from completing missions. Each mission has a unique objective, some of them class specific. You can only do 1 mission at a time so find the one that looks most interesting and accept it.
Each mission will give you a description for what it's about, followed by the objective of the mission. You need to complete the mission objective to earn the listed rewards. Rewards can include Bandwidth, Experience Points, NBT & BTC and even Items.
As mentioned earlier, you can only do 1 mission at a time so pick wisely and work towards completeing it.

  • New Mission
  • Mission In Progress
  • Mission Complete

Complete missions to get new ones showing up. However it's not that easy. Some missions have a skill requirement meaning that you must have learned a certain skill. Skills? What? That's right, I never talked about Skills. Check further below for more information on Skills.
If you do a mission that you don't like you can abort it, but remember that it costs 10 NBT to abort a mission, so think wisely.
I think that's all you need to know about missions. Good luck.

The Cyberspace Matrix:
Oh boy, where do I begin? The Cyberspace Matrix is where all the cool kids hang out! Don't just jump right in, though. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

Enter the Matrix:
Each time you enter the Cyberspace Matrix you spend Bandwidth & Energy to perform an initial scan of the network. This shows you potenital targets you can engage with to earn rewards. You can perform a rescan to detect other targets, however this costs.

Databases, Users, Clouds and Subnets:
You will find many of these items in the Cyberspace Matrix. Each one is a target for your hacking skills to take down. Each one has a level, and based on your current level and stats, a winning chance. This chance represent how easy it will be for a hacker of your skill to successfully take over the target. To attempt to take down the target, click it and select Interact. Remember, interacting costs Energy & Bandwidth as well.

Aggressive Users:
When you perform a scan you occasionally get sniffed, and this results in the theft of a small amount of your NBT. These users hide behind proxies and cannot be interacted with.


Skills allow you to enhance your career as a hacker. Various missions require certain skills to be learned before you can finish the mission. The same is said for items, which can also require certain skills before they can be used.
If you run out of new missions, it probably means you either finished the game for your class or you need to upgrade and learn new skills. Always check your Identity page for new skills you can learn.
Oh, but it doesn't stop there! If you see a symbol next to a skill, this means it has a Skill Bonus. These randomly come into effect while you play the game, and give you all sorts of bonuses like NBT, BTC, Experience and Bandwidth!

Acquisition by Faucet Gaming Network:
Before the site become Crypto Warfare it was called Prohibition 2046. We would like to give a shoutout to the original developer of the original game.

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