The Active Hive LLC Presents: Click Fight

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Earn FREE Bitcoin while playing a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG! Fight big NPCs in a group or fight against your enemies in a gigantic arena!

Earn rewards in the arena & weekly competitions!

Play yourself to the top of the ranking and show everyone who is the best!

Fight real enemies in the arena and win big rewards for every kill you make!

Grind yourself to the top by killing NPCs and earn Credits, XP and Satoshi!

Fight together against a strong boss or steal it from your enemies!

Upgrade your character and get even better and defeat your enemies even easier!

Damage: Increase your Damage by 0.5% per level.
Hitpoints: Increase your Hit Points by 20 per level.
Critical Hit: Increase your critical hit by 0.5% per level.
Increase your chance to deal a critical hit by 0.5% per level (max: 10%).
Reward: Increase your arena XP by 1% per level.
Defence: Increase your Defence by 0.5% per level (after lvl 20 - 0.1%).

Buy Weapons: 3 Weapon Types in the Shop!
Shop for stronger weapons & equip them in Character -> Equipment.
You can equip up to 20 weapons!

Arena Levels: Jump to higher Arena Levels to encounter new enemies!

New NPCs: Get even better rewards!

New Updates: Prestige Ranks!

Show how dominate you are in the arena.

Strive for the best Prestige Rank, which only one player can have!

Daily Challenges: New Challenge Daily!

Finish this challenge to get a bigger reward every day! Get your portion of free Satoshi, Credits, Ammo and Medipacks! Be sure to finish this challenge every day!


1 Days:
35 Satoshi
105 Cryptos
1000 Credits

2 Days:
40 Satoshi
120 Cryptos
1500 Credits
50 Fast DDos

3 Days:
50 Satoshi
150 Cryptos
2000 Credits
30 Cloud Attack

4 Days:
60 Satoshi
180 Cryptos
2500 Credits
50 Fast DDos
30 Cloud Attack

5+ Days:
100 Satoshi
300 Cryptos
4000 Credits
40 Cloud Attack
1 Medipack

Payout: Direct payout to your Bitcoin wallet or Faucethub account!

Using Faucethub, there is no minimum payout amount, so you can instantly cash out your earned satoshi.

Referal System: Invite other players to Click Fight & earn more Bitcoin!

10% of your referrals payout is credited directly to your account.

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Next Competition: Sunday Competition

The competition takes place Sunday 12/31 from 10:00 til 23:59 (UTC+1).

The goal is to get as many credits as possible.
Keep in mind that you'll earn points for each credit, but you'll lose 800 points for each death as a penalty!

Good luck and have fun!

  1. 5500 Satoshi, 7700 Cryptos, 22000 Credits, 16500 XP
  2. 4000 Satoshi, 5600 Cryptos, 16000 Credits, 12000 XP
  3. 3250 Satoshi, 4550 Cryptos, 13000 Credits, 9750 XP
  4. 2500 Satoshi, 3500 Cryptos, 10000 Credits, 7500 XP
  5. 2250 Satoshi, 3150 Cryptos, 9000 Credits, 6750 XP
  6. 2000 Satoshi, 2800 Cryptos, 8000 Credits, 6000 XP
  7. 1750 Satoshi, 2450 Cryptos, 7000 Credits, 5250 XP
  8. 1500 Satoshi, 2100 Cryptos, 6000 Credits, 4500 XP
  9. 1250 Satoshi, 1750 Cryptos, 5000 Credits, 3750 XP
  10. 1000 Satoshi, 1400 Cryptos, 4000 Credits, 3000 XP

Join The Fight! --->>>

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