Support Your Fav Artists and Creators: Delegate to 1Ramp + Nominate Them in Comments

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1. 1Ramp's 1st Call for Delegation
2. All you need to know about 1Ramp
3. Our plans to utilise the Delegation
4. What's in it for the delegators
5. Thank You Notes


1. 1Ramp's 1st Call for Delegation

1Ramp is a social media for creators and communities, built on Steem Blockchain.

Since we launched in August 2018, we’ve received good support from the Steem community. Until now, we have launched WeAreOne communities, built contest creation tool, ran artist showcase program, presented at the SteemFest 3, and a lot of things are yet to go live that we are working on.

Building the right platform alongside the projects like Utopian-io, Steepshot, Busy, DTube, and many more Dapps is challenging and fun and so far we are working hard to build a valuable platform for all Steemians.

The journey of getting the platform up and running has been interesting and encouraging because of the feedback from the community and our users. We believe, now is the right time to put up a request for delegation to empower artists, grow communities, bring more people to Steem, assist the platform development, and initiate more ideas that are resting in our bucket.

Delegate Steem Power to 1Ramp to support your favorite artists on Steem, help us in crafting a feature-rich platform for creators and a vibrant place for communities, collaboration, and competition —

1.1. How to support your favorite creators on Steem?

  • Delegate to 1Ramp

    50 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP

  • Mention your favorite artists and creators on Steem in comments.
  • 1Ramp will support them.
  • Plus, get these exclusive badges to use in your blogs
    Untitled design (2).png
  • If you are new to 1Ramp, or not, we’d suggest that you read a bit about the platform, our plans, and what we are planning to build for you.

    2. Meet 1Ramp


    We originally started with the name HapRamp, which stood for "Your Ramp to Happiness". But on our 1st public launch (Launching 1Ramp), we renamed it to ‘1Ramp’. 1Ramp is short, easy to pronounce and it stands for "1 place for all". The "happiness" part is still there though.

    2.1. 1Ramp platform

    1Ramp is available on Google Play Store and Web. Give it a try!

    2.1.1. Create and participate in contests

    header_v1 copy 2.png

    Steem is great for running contests. But the contest creators go through a lot of manual work to do it: searching the entries through hashtags, clicking links in the comments, and writing repetitive posts to announce the contest and winners. It is tedious.

    So we built a new feature on 1Ramp to automate the entire journey of creating contests, discovering them, participating, and declaring the winners. Competition creation tool is available on 1Ramp’s Android and Web-app. Check out the ongoing contests:

    2.1.2. Communities [#WeAreOne]

    Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 4.52.17 PM.png

    Communities like @curie, @travelfeed, @freewritehouse etc. on Steem are fuel to the network’s growth. People who run similar communities spend great deal energy in curating and rewarding the deserving content.

    We are listing these communities on 1Ramp to make discovery of good content easier and give these communities a dedicated space to grow. Also, “Community Selects” is a section under each community where you can see the posts upvoted by the official account of that particular community. We are helping the best content to come up, through which everyone can find interesting people to follow and connect.

    2.1.3. Interests (home feed)

    Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 5.17.08 PM.png
    On 1Ramp you need to select your interests out of the available eight: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel.
    Your home feed on 1Ramp has got a lot more than the latest posts from your Followings. We’ve built a "Explore" section too, which shows the high-quality posts upvoted by the official accounts of the #WeAreOne communities and for the time being, a lot of curated posts from across Steem.

    2.1.4. User Experience and Interface

    Screenshot 2018-12-25 at 3.03.22 PM.png

    1Ramp’s Android and Web-app both supports a "What You See Is What You Get" editor, you don’t need to write markdown there. The Android app has all the functionalities of Steem wallet packed in a clean interface: powering up/down, delegation management, transaction etc. We are simplifying the Steem experience.

    Screenshot 2018-12-25 at 3.06.40 PM.png

    For the last three months, our focus was on observing the needs, talking to the users, and building a feature roadmap. You’ll notice a lot of design changes and updates in the coming months. Our primary focus is on building an intuitive and beautiful experience. We want to hide all the complexity of Steem while keeping all the benefits intact so that more users can join the network without knowing how things work on the inside.

    2.2.5. New on 1Ramp


    The search page on 1Ramp offers more than just search. All the latest content published using 1Ramp appears here chronologically.

    2.3. Our contributions to the steem ecosystem

    1Ramp is open-source (find it on GitHub). All our development updates go on Utopian-io and our blogs have been staff picked many times.

    We also developed SteemConnect4j, a SteemConnect SDK for Java. This SDK is listed among the official libraries of Steem SDKs.

    So far we’ve listed 11 communities on 1Ramp under the #WeAreOne program, ran 20 contests distributing a total of 58 SBD and 122 Steem to the winners, and featured many artists in the artist showcase program. Our development roadmap is focused on building a platform that everyone can use, including the people who are not on Steem.

    3. Our plans to utilize the Delegation

    3.1. Onboarding new users

    1Ramp is based out of India. For any social media platform, this is among the biggest open ecosystems to serve to. There is a need for a Steem platform in this space but the complexity of signing up for a free account is a challenge.

    We are already simplifying the user onboarding experience on 1Ramp and with enough Steem power, we’d be able to create instant accounts for people who are interested in Steem.

    3.3. Supporting communities (#WeAreOne)

    The 11 communities on 1Ramp are: @curie, @sndbox, #foxtales (by @vermillionfox), @freewritehouse, @recordpool, @photofeed, @travelfeed, @crowdmind, #photomag, @socalsteemit, and @ecotrain. We’ll be listing more communities soon.

    The content posted under the hashtags of these communities (we are sure there are many on Steem that are not on 1Ramp as of now) is among the best on Steem. We'll be supporting these creators by upvoting their work.

    3.3. Supporting contest participants

    Most of the participants in contests are either 1Ramp’s new users or among the really good creators on Steem. These people are the most valuable to Steem and we will be supporting the participants by upvoting their entries in all the contests.

    3.4. Artist Showcase Program


    Without the delegation, we started an Artist Showcase Program. In which, we crowdsourced the names of artists and creators on Steem and created videos for them. We shared these videos on YouTube, in our blogs on Steem, and on our social media accounts.

    1Ramp featured @eveuncovered, @isakost, @axeman, @yidneth, @jungwatercolor, @lifesacircus, and @reinhard-schmid. Watch the videos here.

    The idea of Artist showcase program is to give the creators the applause and attention that they deserve. With the delegation, along with promoting the Steemians, we'll also be able to support them with upvotes.

    3.5. Bounty for task requests

    We’ve used the Utopian-io’s task request option for a couple of times in the past for taking feedback and bug hunting. Their community of influencers, bug hunters, and moderators is great. With the delegation, we’d able to reward the bug hunters, influencers etc. in-turn giving back to the community that is building Steem.

    4. We've something interesting for the delegators

    We are not looking for people who want to invest their Steem Power for the potential of rewards. We are looking for patrons of the arts and creativity. We are looking for people who want to see Steem grow and help millions of people in earning their first dollar by doing what they love.

    All the delegators of 1Ramp will be mentioned in a special section on our website. We’ll take suggestions and ideas from delegators to build a great platform on Steem. A timely report of progress made on development will be shared with the delegators because for us they are the investors in the platform.

    The 1Ramp team doesn’t see Steem as a way to make a quick buck, trade upvotes, pay bots to multiply the investments or as a place for crypto investment.

    For us, Steem is about free speech, giving content its true value, and empowering the artists to earn by doing what they love. If you experience and use the Steem with the same spirit, we request you to delegate to 1Ramp and help us build the 1Ramp.

    5. Thank you

    In this first round of delegation, we are aiming for 100K Steem Power. At 100K Steem Power, the vote value would be worth $2.45 (as calculated on Steemnow). Use the following links to delegate to 1Ramp.

    50 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP


    1Ramp is a Social Media platform for creators (powered by Steem blockchain). On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel and earn rewards for sharing your work. We are on a mission to give all creative communities one stage where you can compete, collaborate, and make good art.
    1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.

    Join the conversation on our Discord or write us at [email protected]


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