The 12 Week Year—Week Twelve

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Define one step for each day, so tiny, that you know you will carry it out. Break the project down into daily bites of work. Then take action every day.

Know in every moment what needs to be done to move you toward your goal.

Always ask this before you do a task: Does doing this get me closer to creating what I want to create?

Only plan items you can execute! Make your plans achievable. Less might be better. When you make plans you cannot achieve your motivation will be killed!

12 Week Year Outcome: make 100 Steem through beneficiaries rewards

Outcome(s) for this week

[x] Update list of posts by pull and release on PostsScreen
[x] Automatically load more posts when scrolling to the end of​ the posts list


[x] Add a ​header to the posts list on PostsScreen. Another useful post for rendering a FlatList
[x] Add a footer to the posts list on PostsScreen


[x] Add clearPosts action
[x] Implement handleRefresh in PostsScreen by using the getPosts() operation


[x] Add selectPostsCount selector
[x] Use selectPostsCount to fetch initial post list in EntryScreen
[x] Implement infinite scroll for the posts list on PostsScreen


[x] Improved loading / refreshing of posts


[x] Add an input field to the header on the posts list
[x] Add a selector to search for the search term in titles


[x] Update WebView width on device rotation


Remember, Sunday is special. If there are still open issues, you should finish them, or refine The Machine.

[ ] Plan for next week, prioritize backlog

[ ] Extend refresh stats operation to update reputation when EntryScreen becomes active​
[ ] Implement the PhotosScreen
[ ] Add possibility to change the user
[ ] PostScreen: Show list of tags in the list at a post's bottom.
[ ] PostScreen: Show creation time in the list at a post's bottom. 10:44 SUNDAY, 17, JUNE 2018
[ ] PostScreen: Handle YouTube and Steemit links properly
[ ] Code the WritePostScreen (add small items to the backlog, refinement)
[ ] PostScreen: Add Edit button on right side of header. Show it only when post can be edited.
[ ] Allow user to scan the private posting key QR code found on Steemit
[ ] PostsScreen: Show sections between post items June 2018, July 2018 etc.
[ ] Apply posts filter to not only the title, but tags and body as well
[ ] Implement the TagsScreen. Keep it simple and allow a static list of categories at first (trending etc.)
[ ] Allow switching of Steem user (add row on entry screen?)

The Week In Retrospect

Look at the previous week, before planning the next week. Do this every Monday morning.

What has worked? What did not work? Do you need to adjust The Machine? Be honest, find the truth. Plan the next week.

  • Identify problems that stand in the way of you achieving the outcome this week
  • Diagnose problems to get at their causes​
  • Design plans that will get you around your problems and toward the defined outcome
  • Push through to completion. Do what is necessary.
  • Define the outcome for next week that will bring you closer to your goal.

5th of August 2018 Recap Of Week Twelve

The good news: I reached both of my goals for the 12th week of my 12 Week Year.

The bad news: I missed the goal of the 12th Week Year.

At the beginning of last week,​ I was very close to abandoning​ the whole project. But then I would get zero return on the time I invested the last 90 days. So what should I do? Complete the app? Take on ​a new project?

Making such decisions is never easy. What would it take to complete the app?

Things I need to develop to finish the app and publish it to the Apple App Store:

  • PhotosScreen 1 week
  • TagsScreen 1 week
  • Switch user functionality 1 week
  • Scan private posting key 1 week
  • WritePostScreen 3 weeks
  • Publishing to the app store 1 week

This is the rough, 1-minute​ estimation of the things I need to do before I can launch the app.
This would mean I can be pretty confident to be able to launch the app with the next 12 Week Year cycle.

Knowing that I suffer from shiny objects syndrome​ my decision is pretty easy. I will invest the next 12 weeks into finishing the app and bringing it to the Steem community.

Even if I will not be able to earn one single Steem from it I want to complete this project. So tomorrow I will start the next week which will be the First week of my next 12 Week Year.

The new outcome for the next cycle:

12 Week Year Outcome: pay one tall Starbucks soya latte through earned beneficiaries rewards ☕️

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