The 12 Week Year—Week Four

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Define one step for each day, so tiny, that you know you will carry it out. Break the project down into daily bites of work. Then take action every day.

Know in every moment what needs to be done to move you toward your goal.

Always ask this before you do a task: Does doing this get me closer to creating what I want to create?

Only plan items you can execute! Make your plans achievable. Less might be better. When you make plans you cannot achieve, your motivation will be killed!

12 Week Year Outcome: pay one tall Starbucks soy latte with earned beneficiaries rewards

Outcome(s) for this week

[x] Allow the user to scan the private posting key


[x] Off the grid; digital detox


[x] Plan the week

30 Minutes


[x] Add barcode package to the project
[x] Create new EnterKeyScreen
[x] Set local state to have key and show it below camera view

60 Minutes


[ ] Make Layout for the EnterKeyScreen (Manual input form, QR scan button)
[ ] Store the private posting key securely on device


[ ] Remove the key from the device when the user signs out
[ ] Show the EnterKeyScreen when a user wants to write to the Steem blockchain


[ ] Write a post to the test net with an entered key


Remember, Sunday is special. If there are still open issues, you should finish them, or refine The Machine.

[ ] Clean backlog and open tasks from this week
[ ] Plan for next week


Week Five, Six, and Seven: complete WritePostScreen

[ ] Code the WritePostScreen
[ ] PostScreen: Add Edit button on right side of the ​header. Show it only when a post can be edited.

Week Eight: Complete the StarsScreen

[ ] Allow to star posts and navigate to these quickly
[ ] Show a star at the bottom of the post and allow to toggle it
[ ] Store the starred items in local storage

Week Nine: Publishing to the app store

[ ] Make bundle, test on a ​device and bring it to the apple app store

Week Ten, Eleven, and Twelve: promote the app on Steemit and educate Steem users. Make Steem worth one tall Starbucks soy​ latte through beneficiary rewards.

[ ] PostsScreen: Show sections between post items June 2018, July 2018 etc.
[ ] Improve the formatting of a single post. Code Blocks. Quotes. Handling of first image.
[ ] PostScreen: Handle YouTube and Steemit links properly

The Week In Retrospect

Look at the previous week, before planning the next week. Do this every Monday morning.

What has worked? What did not work? Do you need to adjust The Machine? Be honest, find the truth. Plan the next week.

  • Identify problems that stand in the way of you achieving the outcome this week
  • Diagnose problems to get at their causes​
  • Design plans that will get you around your problems and toward the defined outcome
  • Push through to completion. Do what is necessary.
  • Define the outcome for next week that will bring you closer to your goal.

2nd of September 2018 Recap Of Week Four

Well, last week was a good week, although I have some open points on my list above. But the EnterKeyScreen is feature complete. I have to wire it up to the other screens. At the moment a user can only scan the private posting key's QR code. Next week I will implement the form to allow a user to enter the key manually.

My goal for this 12-week year has been the following:

Pay one tall Starbucks soy latte with earned beneficiaries rewards.

In week five I will change the goal, although it is no-go in the 12 week year methodology. The new goal will be: publish iSteem to the App Store

The main reason is that I do not want to earn beneficiary rewards through the app. I thought it would be a good way to earn some Steem with the app. Meanwhile, I changed my mind. I think it is much better to earn the trust of the Steem community first. Money comes second.

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