100 Days of Steem: Friday's Challenge: The Biggest and Most Memorable Day of my Life

Blessings for Everyone
We have to thanks to @steemitblog team for creating the best initiative for steem blockchain and making everyone to here. We especially me are urging everyone to participate in the #100daysofsteem.
Today's challenge is very interesting and lovely to share. "Day 57- Friday Challenge , The Biggest Day of My Life." There are so many days which we remember in our whole life but some day will be very interesting and memorable. The day which i am going to share is the last day in our college life when we graduated and came to college for party with dear class mates and best friends. Our group name is "Avengers", we decided to first start with the name of Allah. After that we are going forward with the recitation of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) naat. After that we decided to cut the cake for the farewell from all of our friends to everyone. My fellows and dear best friends after cutting the cake started celebrating and making our day memorable. Besides eating the cake everyone will take cake in their hands and putting that in everyone's face. We are happy that once again we all friends meet together. The day is in the year 2016. After doing that all things we are going to take the pictures of these all memorable moments. I always remember that day when i see that pictures from my gallery.









Some days we will never forgot in our life because the things we done in that day is so memorable and interesting. Hope my contribution is liked by my all friends and the @steemitblog community and @steemcurator01.
Thanks to all dear friends.

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