My 3rd Day - 03 July, Friday- The daily diary game by steemit | I could not go to the market today due to heavy rain.

Hello Steem Community,

Hope all you are well.

This is my 3rd day of the daily diary game by steemit. Thank you @toufiq777 to invite me in the daily dairy game.

I woke up in the morning. Then I ate breakfast. Today is Friday so there is no study today. Today is a holiday. I got up in the morning and ate tea and bread At 8 in the morning my mother told me to go to the market. It was raining heavily outside. There is no situation to go out The distance from our house to the market is about 6 kilometers. No rickshaws or vans will be available at this time. I have to walk to the market. But in this rain. I went to the market. I would go all wet. I don't have any raincode. And umbrellas are very difficult to protect the rain water. Even after having an umbrella, the body gets wet Because the rain's water is after one direction at a time. So, I could not go to the market today Later 9 o'clock stopped the rain around. Mom said stay, you don't have to go to the market anymore. You go play.

I went to play on the field. There is no one on the field. Everyone is at home. So, I went out to take pictures with the camera.




Thank you so much.


Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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The Steemit Team

Photography is an art. Not everyone can do it. It takes inexperience to do photography. Inexperience is needed to take a good picture No matter how good or bad your camera is If you do not know the rules of photography. You can never take a good picture.

Took many beautiful pictures. And wrote beautifully. Try to do better.

Invite your friends to the daily diary game. Thanks @jahid1971

For the first time in my life, I am making income. That's why I'm happy. I didn't know that income could be made so easily. Money can only be made by writing a daily activity.

Thank you so much for inviting me to such a good platform. I will tell my friends too. Let them join here. I will ask each of them to contact you. Because you are an ignorant person. You can understand them well. Which, I can't. I will give everyone the link of your facebook id.

Thank you again. You are a very good person.

Hahaha thank you, Try your best. I think you do it.

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